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Mun Orbit Decay?


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Same here.  It is almost like a high altitude \ low atmosphere orbit decay.  Switching to ksc or time warping stopping it makes sense because the atmospheric effects should not affect the decay rate during that time (?).   It really does feel like a new team working on this rather than the veterans guiding it and pointing out their findings from KSP1.   If I could give the new team some advice:  Listen to the devs of KSP 1.   They made some mistakes, learnt from them and ended up with a pretty solid game, you guys have some really cool ideas, but things like this can be avoided (if it is remembered or documented).


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I have a lander which has ascended again to rendesvous with another craft at Mun.

Lander is trying to fly a lower orbit to catch up, about 13k X 13k meters.

When I do my circularization burn, I see new valid orbit, but PE and AP numbers are changing even if all engines are manually disabled.  Speed is also flipping about by a few M/ps.

So I hit time warp to force the orbit on rails, which works.  But then when I come down to 1x speed, the velocity changes and puts the craft back on its original suborbital trajectory.

Not sure if there is some corruption in the save, or if there is more to this.

Install is 21572 running on Windows 11
i7-9700k  32GB Ram
3070Ti graphics.

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Confirmed, having same problem. Occurs with SAS only engaged, RCS only engaged, SAS and RCS both engaged, and without either SAS or RCS engaged. For me during most of the orbit, periapsis lowers and apoapsis increases at the same rate, except near the poles, where apoapsis increases with less change in periapsis.

The ONLY thing I've found that stops this is timewarp at 2x or greater - the issue only occurs in 1x time. Tried saving and returning to KSC, then resuming control via Tracking Station (BIG physics/ graphics lurch from previous orbit to one that put the vessel 5-6 kilometers closer to Minmus), and the issue persisted. Also tried saving and quitting game - problem (constantly lowering periapsis) reoccurred after I relaunched the game.

Build info: KSP2, i7-12700K, 16GB, RTX 3060, no mods.

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On 3/17/2023 at 2:42 PM, Razor235 said:

Interesting.  I didn't have this problem this time around, despite having it pre-patch.

Did you load any saves during the flight before the decay started?

Ironically pre-patch I didn't have this problem, just the standard orbital jiggle.

Nope! I stayed with the craft all the way through until I got to Minmus orbit, no saves loaded.

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