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I'm lost - is this the place for suggestions / ideas / feedback that are not bugs report ?

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If so, is this really the best way to do so ?

Since the state of KSP2 is already VERY Early Access, with a bunch of bugs and all, most of feedback might be about bugs, issues, unoptimization and all. Which is quite unfortunate as a start since this EA was promoted as a way for players to say what it is good, what is bad, what can be enhanced, what are the good community ideas to implement, etc, not to debug the game, but that's another story.

Regarding suggestions, ideas, feedback from players, which are not bugs, we should have some proper platform to deal with it so that we can efficiently research if something as already been said (here is okay but not perfect), upvotes things, see what are the trends, etc. And it would be so much more convenient and efficient for team instead of trying to follow the rithm of random posts, repeating each other, etc. I feel like here, topics are going to drawn pretty quickly, this is a forum, not a feedback dedicated platform to help devs and official teams. And because it's a bit unclear so far, people are posting ideas, suggestions, bug reports, everywhere on social media, forums, discord, or through the InGame error report system.

So yeah, maybe I've missed something, but is it really officially here for everything else than bug report ? 

What about using the InGame "Error Report" system, which quite suggest that they want specifically "error feedback" while it should have been the occasion to gather around suggestions, ideas, what we want to see InGame, what can be enhanced, rather than hunting bugs and complaining about very bad performances ?

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Yes, this is feedback rather than bug reports. However, you're right that early on the two may be difficult to distinguish. It's all part of the fun of playing a game which is still being worked on. :)

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