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ok... who broke SAS

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Has the way that SAS functions radically changed for the Lander Can Mk1, going from KSP to KSP2?

I managed (not helped by weird fuel flow behaviour) to get a vehicle into Mun orbit, then did my descent burn for the surface. On the way down I detached the return capsule, that was still attached to my lander (don't ask why) and once separated, started to burn to decelerate, in preparation for my landing.

It was at this time I found out that I couldn't change the orientation of the capsule other than roll it... slowly. Pitch and yaw did nothing. I checked the various control options for SAS in the parts menu, but changing them did nothing to help.

I wasn't out of power and SAS was fully enable (not just stabilisation).

On the way to the moon, SAS on the launcher seemed to work fine, on the Lander Can it seemed fine before detaching from the return vehicle, but once on it's own it was useless.

So, is this some crazy new way that SAS works, or (as I think more likely) just yet another serious bug in KSP2?

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