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my opinion on ksp2

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Today i tried to do a duna mission with a relatively decent rocket,

my rocket wasnt wobly, and i didnt even encounter any kracken attacks. But when i got to duna, i wanted to circularize with my nuclear engines, and they were producing no thrust at all despite having 6 of them. so after running out of hydrogen i decided to detach the nuclear stage so i could circularize with the fuel in the lander, and after doing that THERE WAS NO FUEL IN THE LANDER, DESPITE BEING NOT USED!!! I do not understand what messes up the fuel so bad, Also the fuel lines DO NOT WORK.


the framerate drops dramatically just by looking at kerbin, i dont know what is causing this issue because ksp1 with parallax was running just fine. this issue is really annoying since the game lags a lot just by launching planes. (the settings are on medium but same thing happens on low)


the clouds at max settings just look kinda bad, they are all pixelated but i like the fact that they are volumetric.


fairings just sucks, everyone knows what im talking about. the way fairings worked in ksp1 was just fine, why did the devs change it?


PS. please tell me what is wrong with the fuel because it's just frustrating the fact i cant use landers.

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Just now, spacecow23 said:

PS. please tell me what is wrong with the fuel because it's just frustrating the fact i cant use landers.

It's a known and somewhat mysterious bug. 

Try removing the landing legs on your craft. If that stops the fuel from draining, try putting the landing legs on a part that has no fuel, and a decoupler between that part and the fuel tanks. That worked for me, but I've heard it doesn't work for everybody. 

Note that you can also use the resource manager (button at bottom right) to transfer fuel to the tanks. So if you make sure to leave enough fuel somewhere, you can still save the mission.

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I believe the fuel issue is caused by a bug where the medium landing gear causes crossfeed from the fuel tanks it is attached to, so any stage with medium landing gear attached to a fuel tank will share all their fuel with other stages

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39 minutes ago, Grounder said:

Am I  the only one who thinks landing struts should have zero impact on fuel status?  Aside from the extra mass/Dv impact that is.

Bugs are strange little beasts.  They can exhibit all sorts of confusing, unintentional and illogical behavior.

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