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Figured id share my most successful ksp1 ssto build in light of ksp2 ssto struggles and having to basically re-invent the tech :P

Draken galaxy:

LKO Delta.v: 6000m/s

Parts: 80

Weight: 33t

Size: 4.8 / 8.7 / 14m

notes: SSTO can be reconfigured with science modules, additional crew, storage, drone core etc. Wet and dry center of mass is nearly identical so it doesnt have issues re-entering. Also has a re-entry probe core. I guess technically its not an ssto since its got a little drop tank for the first ~1min of the flight, but i recon thats within the realm of realism... we dont call a plane a rocket if it has a drop tank on it :P

This thing is 100% stock and doesnt use any kraken drives etc.





Download link:


Have fun :P

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