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HELP!!! Landed on the Run but stuck in pod and no fuel.

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So, I was aiming to go to the moon and back for the first time, I brought along 2 scientists and a pilot. When I landed Successfully, I tried to get out of the spacecraft but, stupidly, had placed an RCS that obstructed the hatch. Since there was nothing else I could do, I decided to hit the space button to launch, but forgot that it was a controlled liquid rocket, so now I have no way to get back? I would attempt to send a rescue shuttle there but even If I landed safely, I don't know how to get the Kerbals out. Any suggestions on what to do?

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If you can connect to the stranded ship with a Claw part, the combined assembly is considered one ship and you can r-click on the crew compartments and choose to move the kerbals over to the rescue ship. It doesn't matter if the line of travel is actually blocked. The kerbals can magically move through any intervening parts. :) Then you could separate the ships again and fly the rescue home. Getting the craft to attach with the Claw, though, might be quite a feat. 

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Another possibility - if you are in one of the newer versions of KSP - you could have an engineer from a rescue ship remove the offending RCS module using construction mode.

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Hi @Queso_guy54 welcome to the forum.


What they said.


If you are still early in a career game you might not have the resources. Such as the Claw.

You can play the game and come back to them later when yo have the skill and resources.

They wont suffer from being locked up for the whole game.




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If anything, let it be a reminder to always test every part of a mission, no matter how simple. :) 

Many Eve/Tylo missions have been ruined because people forget to test their ladder setup and they can't get their kerbal back in the cockpit after going down to the surface.

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