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[Suggestion] Improvement to runway lighting

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This is purely for visual enhancement, something for the future. The runway lighting has a VASI-2 approach lights already which is cool. However, the line of white lights leading up to the the threshold lights should strobe towards the end of the runway, which aids the pilot on direction of approach. Also the PAPI is missing, which would help with landings (Glide slope). One last thing to polish it off, taxiway center lines should be present and green. Just a fun suggestion.



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Adding a PAPI would be a fun bit of flavor but, with the length of the runway, I don't think it'd actually be practical (because you have so much margin for error in your glide slope as is). Still would like to see it, though. If I had my druthers, the one big change I'd make to the whole runway is just to make all the lighting really bright. On an HDR monitor, the lights should almost be hard to look at up close, and the KSC should be visible from LKO.

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