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KerbalDev Plugin for Rider


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A Rider plugin for KSP 2 mod development. Currently adds a project template for SpaceWarp mods, based on munix's template for Visual Studio and .NET CLI. Requests for any other features relating to KSP 2 mod development are welcome.


Download the latest plugin file from Releases (ReSharperPlugin.KerbalDev-x.x.x.zip).

In Rider, go to Settings > Plugins, click the gear icon, click Install Plugin from Disk and select the zip file.


In the New Solution window, a new SpaceWarp 1.0 Mod template should appear. Fill out the parameters - everything except Description and Source URL are required; there is no validation due to limitations of Rider but if you omit the required parameters your project will be broken! It is recommended that you enable the "Put project and solution in the same directory" option, otherwise your readme/license etc. will not be in the root of the solution.

Downloads and Source Code

Download: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev/releases/latest

Source code: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev (MIT licensed)

Template source code: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev-SpaceWarp.Template (MIT licensed, forked from https://github.com/jan-bures/SpaceWarp.Template)

Edited by arthomnix
Update to reflect new template name in 0.1.2
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