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Enable/Disable Mods from KSP2 Main Menu Mod List Manager?

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Will the ability to Enable/Disable Installed Mods from the ModList Manager at the Main Menu Screen, be added to SpaceWarp/BepInEx? It would be helpful to have for Debugging issues in game. To help determine if it is an issue with the Mod or the Base Game. Instead of having to delete/move the plugin folder in the install drive. I know that some Mod Devs include, mod configuration menu to enable/disable some options of their mod. But I am looking for a enable/disable of the whole mod. Any thoughts on this? Thanks

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Pressing F1 anytime brings up the modloader manager (not the one seen in main menu) and some of the mods can be toggled off among other settings adjusted. It would be up to the mod authors to add these functionalities into their mods but BepinX is already capable. If I remember correctly CKAN (available currently for original KSP) could manage toggling mods as well but CKAN wont be available for KSP 2 for sometime, probably not until V 1.0 is my guess.

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This is being worked on right now in SpaceWarp. For some context, this functionality was already present in SpaceWarp 0.3 when it still was its own modloader, but was removed in 0.4+ with the switch to BepInEx as a modloader, since it doesn't have that capability. It's possible to patch it in though, so that should hopefully make it into the next version.

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