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The discovery of jool

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It was a normal launch for Bill Jeb and Bob.

The Musketeer XI was planning a launch to Duna.

Mission control began the countdown.

"Here we go!" Jeb said as the engines ingnited.

Jeb was a bit not himself today. The rocket had not been build by him,

and to make matters worse, they were going the farthest he had

ever been before.

"Boosters seperation in 10 seconds"

Mission control said.

Bill was at his usual, piloting his ship. He wondered, what will duna be like?

Bob was scared as usual, but more scared this time. He had never been this far. If he died, he would be K.I.A Not M.I.A due to the range.

"Booster seperation gone, main stage in 30 seconds"

Mission control reported.

"Hey guys, whats that on the ra-"



Bob screamed.

"It appears that an asteroid hit the lander! its leaking its Nitrous Gas componet out!"

Bill yelled.

"The thrust is increasing to 458% above maximum!"

Jeb screamed

Bob fainted

"The thrust is going bonkers! We will never make it!" Bill reported hastily

"Hang on boys!" Was all Jeb could say.

"The Delta V is over Duna encounter! We will never make it!" Bill yelled.

Another explosion sounded. The lander had broken free!

"Well now, lets use the little bit of thrust we have left to try to get back to kerbin." Jeb said confediently.

"Well Jeb, that be great, but only the Fuel remains, no more Nitrous Gas to ignite it however."

"Dont we have RCS?" Jeb asked

"Yes, but it wouldnt do any good at this point!" Bill said

"Contact Mission control. Maybe they have a rendevous ship ready. Dont worry boys, we'll make it, Kouston should have a plrenty good plan by now." Jeb said

Bill turned on the communicasions.

It was dead.

"Um... Jeb?" Bill said

"Yes?" Jeb said, wondering what bill had to say

"Uhm... I dont know how to say this, but the com is dead. We are a floating duck in space. Not even the regeneration transciver is working. Face it Jeb... If we die, we are gone for good."

"What!?" Was all Jeb could say

"I guess we will have to break out the food and board games you packed..." Bill replied.

Chapter 2: The green Pixeldot

5 months later....

"Hey jeb" Said bob.

"Im not in the mood for your last will" Jeb replied.

"No, its not that, Its just I spotted on the long range scanner a green dot 4 Pixelmeters wide on the viewscreen"

"Kerbin?" Jeb asked, Hoping that this would be it

"Negative, it only be half a pixel meter at this length" Bob said

"Then the scanners must be messed up" Jeb concluded, and went back to sleep.

Bob couldnt stop thinking, what it was.

He thought back to his family, the achivemeants, the deaths, and the mun.

He wondered if he'd ever see kerbin again....

1 month later

"Jebediah kerman, you better come up here" Bill said.

"What? Is there some strange anonmly? Will it get us home? No." Jeb said Impainteantly.

"No, jeb, this is more than that" Bob said

Jeb mustered up the courage to come up. What he saw shocked him. It was a gas giant, so far out here. It was composed of Nitrous gas, and a large SOI, that had captured them.

"Okay, but what use is it to us?"

Bob thought to himself. This is no time to be scared he thought.

He had to tell him.

The plan.

"Well you see here, we are at a perfect periapsis for an aerobraking. And because its nitrous gas... And you won that award for best roboticism, that you just HAD to bring along..." Bob started to say.

"Wait, we need Nitrous Gas to ignite the engine... and there is a planet, that is like duna... Laythne, you guys called it? You aren't thinking what im thinking... Are you?"

Chapter 3: The daring plan

"500 KM and closing!" Bill reported

"Is the hatch installed jeb?" Bob asked.

Bill thought to himself, and he forgot. He had to do it.

"No, im going to get to it right away!" Jeb said.

"You only got 120 seconds Jeb!" Bill said.

"Then I will have to hurry, wont I?" Jeb said

Jeb stepped out with the contraption. He could see the damage. It was too big!

"Uh guys, its a bit too big for the contraption" Jeb reported.

"Then make it fit!" Bill said.

Jeb started putting duct tape on.

"30 seconds!" the computer reported

Jeb had strapped it on, but not very secure. It had to do. He needed to get in, or he would die!

"5!" The computer said

He rushed back in, and just in time.

"Is it ready?" Bill asked.

"Not really, but good enough." Jeb said.

"Entering atmosphere" The computer reported.

"Computer, OPEN THE CONTRAPTION!" Jeb screamed into it.

"Nitrous oxide refilling" The computer reported

Good, Jeb thought. it was working.

"warning: Strain increasing"

Crap. Jeb thought.

"10% of nitrous gas is filled" The computer reported

Jeb needed a plan, and fast.

"Bill, watch the strain gage! Bob, help me close it on my mark!"


"Get ready!" Jeb practically screamed to Bob.

"85% and increasing rapidly!"

"NOW" Jeb shouted.

There was a strain, as it struggled to close...

"Harder!" Jeb screamed. "I need another hand Bill!"

Together they heaved, and.... It closed!

"Phew" Jeb said.

"How much fuel do we have now?" Bill asked

"Only 30% of maximum!" Bob fainted.

"Well jeb, its time for you to do overtime."

Chapter 4: Laythe

Man, that looks alot like kerbin, Jeb thought.

Jeb started to cry.

"Are you alright?" Bill asked. Amazed for Jeb crying.

"You know, I always have been crazy. Im sorry for always killing you guys... Now, there might not be a regeneration to return to..."

"Well, its time to land, You ready for it?"

Jeb nodded. it was time.

The engine ignited. They slowed down. Conserving as mutch fuel as they possibly could, they decelerated.

the craft rumbled as it approached the atmosphere.

Jeb prayed for it not to come apart.

"Parachute deploying. Looks like we wil-" Jeb started to say.

"The parachute ripped off!" Bob said.

"Guys, Give me Everything you got to decelrate. full throttle, RCS, EVERYTHING!" Jeb screamed.

"WARNING: 50 M/S and Slowly increasing" The computer reported.

"Brace for impact everyone!" Jeb said.

There was an exeplosion, and everything went black.


"Hey, wake up, sleepy head" Bill said.

"Whaaat? We are not dead?" Jeb asked

"No," Bill said, leaning over Jebs shoulder. "But the pod was damaged. however, the com Is back up. We managed to repair it with the tools here on Laythe. Yes, We sent a message to mission control. They say they will be here as quick as possible." Bill concluded.

"I thought I had died... Me, the legendary Jeb..." Jeb started to cry a bit.

"Oh dont worry Jeb," Bill said. "Everyone crys. And, we are alive now."

Jeb got up, and to lighten the mood he said "So, anyone up for a game of risk?"

Everyone laughed.


Authors note: I hope you enjoyed my First story. It might not have been that good, but it was good for an attempt. Thank you for reading.

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