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I regret my struts! Please Mr Smith... Make them go away.


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So.. I spend the most of yesterday evening and this morning fighting a banana rocket.. putting up a station. 
Because the station part kept bend out of the faring i ended up strutting it in place like mad. Now... on the module i put up i had a tiny little "drone" with RCS thrusters to take modules coming up and installing them.. I read somewere that struts are not an issue and will disappear when you decouple. Now.. there lies the issue, i dont want to decouple but undock... and i cant.

Here is a picture for reference:


Now - I 've read you can go matrix style and edit the structure in the save file and remove the struts? Alternatively... i will have to disconnect the arm.. deorbit it and have it crash.. send up a new one and fight the rendevouz procedure and correct my error. But.. 

Is there anything i can do?

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I actually launched it with the orange part up. But the entire thing kept break out of my faring any way. So... in the end i just strutted everything. Is there no way you can remove a strut in space once put there?  I guess not. I used the orange part to push the part into place... I intended to use it as a space forklift.  in the future.

Any way... ill just ditch that part and send it up again... Once i find out how to make Clamp-o-tron St. undock... 

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