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Kerbin PE Not Displaying Along Orbital Path

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As part of returning a probe from Duna, I created a maneuver node and did a correction burn whilst in Kerbol's SOI.  I zoomed in on Kerbin to see where the trajectory would take me...and there was no Pe marker on the path near Kerbin.  I fiddled with the camera and moved things around, and I was surprised to see that the Pe marker was in fact along the orbital path...but only in Kerbol's SOI.  Which is odd because when doing the same thing with Duna, the Pe marker showed up just fine.


While not zoomed in, you can see that the Pe marker along the orbital path for Duna is clear and shows where the path takes you in relation to the surface of the planet.


Here you can see that there is no Pe marker along the path near Kerbin, but panning to see the path in Kerbol's SOI you can see the Pe marker.

I'll point out that, while it isn't game-breaking, it is a bit of a pain in the keister to have to pan around to find the Pe.  It's also a bit of a pain to have to burn when looking at things like this; sometimes the orbital path line goes by too fast while you are looking away from it at the Pe marker, and you have to do multiple burns.  It's livable, but should be fixed.

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It is a pain to have to find the PE marker between the Enter and Exit SOI markers. 

Even more so when I want to make an adjustment burn after already having a PE inside the SOI. The original is still there, so now you have to zoom out and try and select the new PE in a very small area.

Later edit: Until just now, I had never had a PE marker inside the SOI. It was always out in the orbital path. But I just had one show up inside the SOI bubble. And since it's my first, I never knew that there was a dotted line from the orbital PE to the PE inside the SOI bubble.

You went the other way around, from what I'm reading.

Either way, it's obviously inconsistent...

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