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How the two highlands on Moho formed.


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From the topographic map from Moho, it shows two peaks that are almost exactly opposite from each other. One that stays on the near (bright) side and the other on the far (dark) side.

This is my theory (not going to be a load of crap):

An asteroid the size of Minmus impacted Moho's far side just as it had settled into a sphere.

The impact was SO EPIC (needed exaggeration:sticktongue:), not only it created an impact crater but also RIPPLES (of molten crust). The ripples go around the planet before merging at the opposite side.

Also the shockwave from the impact sent magma from Moho's innards to emerge from the opposite side, causing something like a volcano to occur. Forming lava flows on the highland on the near side.

That impact may have also given Moho a thin atmosphere of volcanic fumes. (That's why landing on Moho is a challenge) As Moho, is actually massive enough to contain an atmosphere.

That's it!

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