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Helloooo Ladies My Name is not Kurt


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Hi there,

KSP is amazing! I have been playing this game for over 2 months now and I want to share some of my creations and findings with you guys, including:

An (Nearly Stock) Ultra Heavy Payload Orbiter (+160 tons to LKO) Called: Terra Ad Astra (All planets are accessible)

A (ORDA & Erkle's mods) Fuel Depot/Spacestation , complete with docking carrying over 15,000 L liquid fuel, 3,300L of RCS and a crew capacity of 15 People Called Adiumentum (I have a thing for latin names)

A (Stock) SSTO capable of a one way minmus trip ____ unnamed

A (Damned Aeronautics) Quadrotor Lander for Eve ____unnamed

Will upload as soon as it lets me post attachments.

Watch this space.

Question: When can I post attachments?

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