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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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My InterPlanetary Vehicle (See sig for videos. Yes, shameless plug I know) with a crewmember being transferred over during a sunrise over Kerbin. Solar panels are all retracted because I have a habit of breaking them during docking or close transfer operations.

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Lol, I like that one. "Hey guise, we're on the Mun!" "YAAAAY!"

LOL... Somehow I heard that in the voice of the Narrator from Monty Python and the Holy Grail -

NARRATOR: "And in the frozen land of Nador they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels. And there was much rejoicing."

ALL: Yay!"


And that is a seriously sweet little bus there. Got a craft file for that?

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Yay! I can finally post in here without being on like page 501.

I like this image, on approach to Duna while passing Ike.


And this one, I particularly like the framing of.


My completed Mun station. Missing one Gigantor solar panel to a Skylab-style accent upon launch.


And finally... Jeb having some fun on Bop.


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While the forums were down, I was playing with four new mods that I had luckily just downloaded RIGHT before they all went down.

I got the Kerbal Attachment System, Hooligan Lab's Airship parts, Firespitter Plane Parts, and Damned Robotics. I also did another fun little project that's actually pretty much the coolest thing I've done in KSP yet, in my opinion, as far as successful missions go.

So I made an airship with a "Kerbal Fun Crane" here is me playing around...

On the launchpad:


The airship is 100% electric powered and uses RCS to steer. It can steer without RCS but it takes FOREVER. Here it is in the air:


Having way too much fun slinging Kerbals around like foxtails:


And for the other little side project, I decided I wanted to put a craft in super ultra low orbit, so I did. This is the Knievel 1 ultra-low orbit probe, or ULOP, in a 3.8Km circular orbit around the Mun. The craft was obviously named after the famous daredevil Eval Knievel, for the daring stunt of being less than 300 meters away from the highest point on the Mun. (Wiki says 3500 is highest.) The orbit seems to be stable and you go over the terrain SUPER fast. It's so close you can see the terrain scatters..


A more lit-up picture, showing all the UI:


I wanted to be able to have a base somewhere on the equator that could look up in the sky and see a little dot zooming past (I saw one of my station's labels flying overhead when I was on the launch pad one time and it inspired me.) So this will definitely zoom by. It is absolutely the coolest thing to watch as it zooms over the terrain at around 550m/s

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My first station in 0.19, as I lost my 0.18 saves. I still call it SkyCan I. Basically just separate modules brought up one at a time and docked together. Currently includes habitation module, fuel tankers, solar array with battery pack, scientific and comms mast, and a reentry vehicle. SkyCan isn't finished yet, so I may update soon.


Bob doing his thing on a ladder hanging off of SkyCan I.


My first probe to Minmus with a distant Kerbin in the background.


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