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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Another shuttle? :)

Well, another attempt at one... It looks like I'l have to replace those nice SRBs for for some giant ugly boosters due to lack of delta-V. And the orbiter flies worse than a brick! (Seriously, in real life, when I drop a brick, it speeds up! But then this shuttle dives, it SLOWS DOWN!!!!!!)

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Phase one of my Duna re-colonisation is complete with the installation of the (partially constructed) Duna Spacedock in Low Duna Orbit:


9 Kerbals currently call this station home, and another 9 will join them when an identical module to this (excluding the hub section where the lander is docked) is sent to the red planet.


It's fairly big at the moment, but also quite low on parts. When it's complete, it'll be quite a lot bigger, and probably quite a bit more laggy. I still need to send two orange fuel tanks and another habitation module like the first one (as I just mentioned), plus there will be traffic as this station will be the primary refuelling centre for Duna.


The lander was actually left over from a previous Duna mission. I came up with the idea to re-use it and have it docked to a station so that any incoming ships wouldn't require a lander with them, which is always a bonus when considering fuel. An interesting aspect to my re-colonisation plan, I must say; the ability to shuttle Kerbals about wherever and whenever is certainly useful.



Of this landing party consisting of Matt, Kirlo, and Orski, only Kirlo has been to Duna before, originally occupying one of the 22 spots for Outreach Colony. While this landing was around 140km from the original Outreach site, Kirlo couldn't help but feel he'd come home again.

Also, Bill Kerman has set foot on Vall, and he is only the second to do so:


It turns out that the landers that are docked to the MSV Constellation are also capable of landing on and returning to orbit around Jool's second moon, which is very useful. I thought their upper limit would be Moho; apparently and thankfully I was wrong. Vall is definitely the upper limit though.

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Continuation of my Eeloo Colonization Plan, here is the Orbital Assembly Station (OAS) with the Habitation module. That thing turns flawlessly with out messing with the attituse of the rest of the station.


The first construction of the OAS, the first Kethane Miner, pretty basic, just enough for landing on Eeloo and mine.


The miner fully deployed, mine every bit of this juicy green stuff.


More to come soon.

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"And here we see the young, dying shuttle, rearing up on her last breath, desperate for help. Yet no help will come. She will surely have left several baby landers to fend for themselves in the wild, with no launch stage in sight."

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"And here we see the young, dying shuttle, rearing up on her last breath, desperate for help. Yet no help will come. She will surely have left several baby landers to fend for themselves in the wild, with no launch stage in sight."

You are a horrible person.

Not that I'm not too, because I laughed pretty hard, but you started it.

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Some screenshots from my mostly-stock Duna L/OPC mission:


The whole combo on approach to Duna. Ike, as usual, is in the way. This time it's only visual obstruction since it was nice and let me pass without an encounter.

I didn't get any shots of the tricky maneuver that followed. Basically, I burned to suborbital speed, decoupled the lander, then burned back into orbit, putting the transfer stage and the orbital probe into separate orbits. I was worried I would mess it up, but everything went fine.


The lander, DSP-1, says hello to the sun. This little guy is completely immobile with internal RTGs to provide power all the time, anytime (they're hiding inside the decoupler). It has all the stock sensors on it so I can do lots of science!


The orbiter DOP-1. I used Infernal Robotics to get the comms dish and solar panels to extend like that, but accidentally attached struts to them so I couldn't deploy them until I jettisoned the transfer stage. :P Silly me. I guess the decoupler on the front can be a telescope since this probe has none of the sensors but still needs to do something productive. It can probably go to Ike with all of its deltaV, but that would involve an inclination change and then a burn out to encounter it, neither of which I care to do right now.

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A few of my exploits:

Bill has never since let jeb drive...... (good job the explorer mission has a rescue lander)






Many Kerbals died to bring you these pictures, may they rest in pizza shaped marks across the kerbiverse.....

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