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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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I used a small Soyuz-like ship to rendezvous with a tumbling Iridium satellite and then tried to manually stabilize it, and that resulted in Bob's head being pounded by the solar panels. After his thrusters slowed the tumbling down, I've managed to make him catch the satellite.


Then I edited the screenshot a bit.

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My early attempt at a sample return mission to Duna, finally reaching its target thanks to a quick gravity assist by Ike... I launched this thing some time in August, I think. Definitely learned a lot about design since. (Moar fuel. No, more than that... keep going...)


And the sample return lander on its way down, before retracting the solar panels and hitting the atmosphere. Not captured was it tearing itself apart when the chutes opened at 500m while still moving over 1km/s... From this spectacular failure, which left exactly one lander leg sitting exactly on Duna's equator until I tried to view it directly and it thus fell the last 10m to its collision-mesh doom, I have learned to build a much better lander which I'll launch at the next window.


Project Sundiver just before burn at periapsis, an attempt to put a satellite in a 1 million km circular equatorial orbit of the Sun. (Period 1 day, 10 hours apparently.) The first burn with the leftovers of the injection stage is complete; I'm typing this while the second ion burn is underway at 4x physics warp. It takes a while to dump 10km/s excess speed...

-- Steve

PS: Nope, needed another canister of xenon on Sundiver. However, I did get a 1 million by 2.345 million km orbit, so that's something...

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Probably my most epic shot to date. Taken during a rescue run where I was gathering Kerbals from 3 different orbital stations to ferry them back to Kerbin before decommission. My next space station will have escape pods...though this run was tremendous fun! :D


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I think this is the best helicopter I ever made in KSP. (yet) :)

Its fly really nice, Have 800 unit of liquid fuel. Its lift up around 40% of thrust. 5 Kerbals can fit in it. Top speed yet is 120m/s. (mods: Procedural wings, firespitter, aviation lights)

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I really enjoyed playing around with this beauty.

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So i've not posted since science, so here are some key missions in getting all the tree:

Early moon mission:


A later mission getting many manned return trips to many munar biomes:


A design for getting home safely, turns out parachutes only work on the craft you are focussed on.


Final mission for science points, a return trip of eight crew to ike:


And finally those eight intrepid explorers return to kerbin:



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A design for getting home safely, turns out parachutes only work on the craft you are focussed on.

Actually, they work fine as long as the other craft do not get any further than around 2.5 km from the focused craft. Just split the craft up a bit later and they should work.

Also, there was a mod that allowed you to increase this maximum distance (lazor mod maybe?) but I have no idea if it still works...

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A ship is approaching the Kerbin Spacedock. Must need some fuel, eh?


I must say, I don't recognise the design, but they seem harmless enou--



Oh. OOOHH :0.0:


You are not getting away with this, punk!






Well, whoever he was, the hero and sole-survivor has taken him down. The spacedock has been destroyed along with the 2 Kerbals on board; 3 people have needlessly died here today. Who was responsible for this act of savagery, and why?!

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I needed something new in my life, so I started using mods. Mostly visual changes, and lots of new rocket parts, but no autopilot or such :) I like how my space looks and feels now. Went to Duna and Mun in the past days (and also returned, needless to say), all routine jobs, but I like to do it.






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"Capsule turnaround complete, visual on booster acquired."


We are ready for de-orbit burn in 3... 2... 1...


And so, I have returned from a ~40 day trip without internet. 0.23 is about to be released, Chang'e 3 is ready for a landing, KerbalKon is up and running, BLERGH!

I can barely contain myself. I think you guys will witness as I flood this thread with pictures, again. :)

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My computer might be fixed. Not only that, it might be running better than it did before.


Work in progress. [insert evil maniacal laugh of your choice here]

Do you know how that thing makes my poor little "gaming" laptop feel?


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Forgot about the "no reaction images" rule. I'm leaving the link. :)
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