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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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WOW! How did you do that with the buttons and all? It's beautyful,very cool!! very like it! come on.

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who do you think you're talking to?"

Just kidding. :P

If you're talking about the [o] marks on the ascent path, I think that's called "add entry log" or something like that. If you're talking about the 3d "arrows", I think they're called direction markers. Somebody should make a tutorial for that mod.

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Christmas tree!



Lots of decorations. And an anti-explosion frame.


Do you like my tree topper?

(Bob Kerman)


♪Come on, ring those bells, light the Christmas tree...

No! Jeb, that wasn't what it meant!


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A suboptimal ascent trajectory for my latest "shuttle".


They are both crewed and they both made orbit. Woo hoo!


I just like this picture.


Thermometer seems to be more functional now. Anyone else notice this?


Simple Mun return mission yields great results.


Behold! My latest (only) SSTO crew shuttle. I call it "Tin Can to Space"! It can easily get into a 100x100 parking orbit with fuel to spare. It will need that fuel since it has no RCS, making rendezvous difficult. I may try to add some RCS to the Block 2 version.


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This is what appeared on my screen after an unsuccessful mission to Eve.


I call this "The eye of the Kraken"

How did this happen? I'll tell you.

I got bored of collecting all kinds of data from Kerbin and its moons, so I decided to go to Eve. The small probe had multiple batteries stacked below a Stayputnik core with four solar panels and a small LFO tank and engine.

The interplanetary transfer was uneventful. I got at least 1500 science from orbiting Eve and Kerbol, then I decided to dive into the atmosphere. From the trajectory, I thought I would splash down in a crater-lake. Oh, how wrong I was.

The descent was fine. I collected quite a lot of science from the upper atmosphere, but in fear of losing my satellite dish, I decided to wait until I am safely resting on the water. The RealChute drogue chutes did their job well, I slowed down to 90 m/s when the main chutes were deployed. I didn't time-warp at that time because it would have pulled the stacked batteries apart. I was descending slowly over the water when it happened. First, the body was just shaking... then Hell broke loose. The probe's fragile body was obliterated by the invisible tentacles. In a mere second, all I could see was the Eye, as I heard the sound of the probe's parts touching water.

This is the third probe I've lost to Eve's lurking predator (first in 0.23).

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Multi Probes in v23 Been trying to maximize science with multiple collection before coming home to kerbin. Multi Probe is a work in progress. sorta works but needs improvements - further development. Concept - one launch and many targeted (5) landing sites QtM41rx.jpg

GravMax Probe allows the collection of a lot of gravity field science of Mun (high and low) in one pass. Then one to Minmus plus a trip to High sun orbit then back to Kerbin. I like the design. Pictured is upgrades version (16 gravity measurements). 8jAD9gt.jpg


Applying similar concept to the Mun lander design. Pictured Mun 3 in orbit ready for trial run. Mun 2 successful land and return from Mun and Minmus.


Mun 3 - Science Points 988.8 achieved (2 hops in most cases)

Mun 4I (improved structure w/ orange tanks as boosters) Minmus 1238.4 Science Points (3 hops are possible)


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added ship Trip information
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Made some interesting testing today.

Fiddling with the propulsion node and the center of mass.


Decided to put wheels to rove where I want. Good choice later on.


I took it to the Mun and made it my first landing in 0.23 with this save file.


Quite awesome spot to land actually.


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Actually did some work today after some work on 0.23 (general clean-up and tweaking).


I stuck a atmospheric sensor nose cone on the side of my Jet (Delta Flyer Mk2) and did some real science around the globe. Earned 200 science points.

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Sending the science fleet home;


My 2nd mission in a new career mode was to put 9 manned landers (launched as one craft) onto Mun, once they'd done their work I put them in a low parking orbit and then 1 by 1 sent them home with roughly a 45 min gap between each departure. I wasn't timing the gap particularly, just intending to leave enough time between each one arriving at Kerbin so I could land them all. The result was really geometrically satisfying!

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