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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Completed my first manned flight to and from Ike

Leaving Kerbin:


Arriving at Ike:


About to step off the ladder:


Al and Bartden feeling proud of themselves:


Departing Ike orbit:


Returning to Kerbin:


Re-entry (with transfer stage in background):


Chutes, and moment before transfer stage destruction:


Al and Bartden satisfied with a job well done:


And for those of you wondering if I'm going to do Duna next, already been there in .18:


Off to switch my tags!

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After putting together my Minmus base one piece at a time I decided to try something different on Duna. So I built Quad Mega Base.







Once I managed to get the thing into orbit it was all surprisingly easy. I even managed to land at almost 3000m, on a slope, without blowing everything up.

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I've been playing KSP heavily for almost a year, but despite 27 serious attempts, could never make a viable SSTO spaceplane. It was extraordinarily frustrating because many other players seem to find this easy, but it was the one milestone I had never been able to achieve. And then the forum failure was extraordinarily frustrating on top of that, because while it was out, I finally made my first working spaceplane, and couldn't tell anybody about it. Now, behold the majestic SP-28 Surlybondslipper!


To make my success even more sweet, after achieving orbit for the first time, I was able to also land it on the runway.


Yay me!

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A newby just starting out. I build up a series of rockets from AAX1 to AAX6 and 3 probes. Here are some screenshots, not as awesome as those of others, but I am trying:

AAX3, the first rocket to get orbit:


Kerbin1 probe in orbit, my first probe in an orbit:


Letstalk2, my third probe design and the first design I made that uses many parts, over 50! (the solarpanels):


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Testing a new lander design for mass transportation of kerbals. It didn't go as well as i had planned though...

Descend from orbit


Slight weight problems


Needs more struts


And an old picture of mine that i found the other day. Bill Kerman,the first Kerbal to faceplant on another world.


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My Rover, useful on a variety of planets. Currently being tested at the Space Center:


And here is its scientific equipment:


PS: I embarrassingly forgot to put the all-important: "This rover was heavily influenced by another member's design"

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the Voyager Probe:

currently on its way to the Jool system, that will reach in about three years of Kerbal time.

it will exploit the gas giant gravity well to perform a slingshot maneuver, coupled with ~3000 m/s of acceleration provided by the LV-N engine, shooting away from the Sun and into deep space.



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My first station. Based on the one in the scenarios. Three launches with MechJeb assisted docking which sadly, without thinking, I just ended the fight after taking this shot. :( Oh well, I'm going to put it back and I think I can do it with a single launch this time.


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