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SSTO trials. Finding what works and cluttering up my station so much I had to retract half its arrays.


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One of the great things about KSP is being able to play what-if games. Here's a different take on the idea of Apollo-Soyuz.





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needless to say, we all wish we had computers capable of building that, good show!

I've been messing around with the new release of Near Future, and built this vasmir/pit thruster tug. It even had enough argon left to fly back to kerbin and go into a near circular orbit. It was meant to be reusable.



Also made a 3 vasmir version, this one is sending a lab to my Gilly station.


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Finally made it to Gilly! lugging the station, I had ~200-300 dV from the remaining 1000 units of argon (<5%), enough to land the tug on the surface of Gilly!


I also spotted the tug from inside the station after the lab was docked



here is the chestcam view from one of the kerbals


engines, lights, fuel, solar panels


orbital engine for extreme maneuvers, but the PIT thruster is enough for any orbital changes above Gilly.


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Ah, digging through my old screens... It's fun stumbling across missions you've long since forgotten:

An early stride towards interplanetary travel...


This was "Joolian One", A large, single crewed vessel constructed in orbit around Minmus, and designed to establish a stable orbit around Jool. Sadly, the vehicle fell short of it's intended purpose, and Jeb was forced to tear his ship apart; then Macgyver himself a new one out of the remains.


Jeb surveys the disassembled behemoth, while Jool observes disapprovingly


And one service module attached to the main control module later, I now have a ship capable of returning to Kerbin.

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Brand new to the forums, still pretty new to the game.

This is technically from my third career save file, when I get completely stuck, be it through getting fixated on one particular design or overly fixated on a goal I can't quite achieve yet, I've found restarting clears my head and lets me apply what I've learned in new ways. So this image is from the KASE (Kerbin Academy of Space Exploration) archives.


In image is the Wells II Griffon (The Wells program in honor of H.G.Wells is KASE's Munar program. Minmas was selected for early field testing for the Griffon Lander due to significantly lower gravity). Jeb was sole pilot of the first Minmas landing.

Will post a little more in short order. KASE is currently entering final testing/training/selection for my first ever interplanetary mission. My Duna launch window opens in 6 days. The probes, lander, rovers, and and rockets are entering final trials and checks. I'll have images up for some of KASE's earlier missions and my Duna stuff later.

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