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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Hey, why no new pictures? Oh well.

When this guy finally manages to pass close enought to the other kerbal orbiting the other way, they are going to have the ultimate high five.


Oops, dropped the ball. Now how do I get it back?


And what happened there?


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After my 3rd Laythe cargo run

the mobile research facility started to look habitable:

I remember that com tower inside your massive ssto.. that must have been a well-trained female dog to land..

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I had too much fun with interstellar:


This test spaceship was launched with microwave transmitted power. It was getting around 250 GW on launch from my antimatter power plant.

And it was falling quadratically as I warped away.

Meanwhile space center blew up - antimatter tanks probably went out of power loljk idk what made this funny glith.


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What mod adds this planet?

I fabricated this planet with two plug-ins: Planet Factory CE and KittopiaSpace. Planet Factory lets you create planets based on templates with a text editor while Kittopia lets you edit planets with an ingame GUI.

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