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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Hello everyone.

This is my first post and I thought to show off my latest creation.

Have fun!



Welcome aboard! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a picture. It might be where you're new and restricted for your first 5 posts (this is an anti spam measure).

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The KSO Resolute was pulled out of storage to perform the rescue operation for Dudfield Kerman and also equip the V2X-5 with a way to land itself.



Docking with the V2X-5, via the newly-equipped ASRU (Automated Spacecraft Retrieval Unit).




Two generations of spacecraft: the KSOS Block 8 and the Vortex 2 Experimental.


The Resolute will be landing first. It would be unfortunate to have to deny them landing on account of the experimental plane crashing and making a mess.

Dudfield (the one taking the picture) is quite happy to be returning, although Hannie Kerman, the ASRU Technician, doesn't seem to share his sympathies...


Hannie, you're in space. I know your stomach isn't happy but just hold on for 20 more minutes and you'll be back on solid ground.

The Resolute landed successfully!


From left to right: Shelford, Henfrod, and Hannie executed the mission successfully, and Dudfield (far right) is now ready to perform more tests flights... after his debrief and some counseling, of course.

Now to try and land the V2X-5.


It will require a pretty hefty design edit, the inline docking port colliders are messing with the air intakes on intolerable levels. You can see the starboard intake being pushed into the central fuselage.

Update: The V2X-5 has landed!


Using the engines to get extra speed as it would have landed far from the runway with too much vertical velocity otherwise.


Landed. This is a fortunate outcome, even without any kerbals piloting it. The V2X-5 can now move forward in development. :D

Space Program Priorities:

- Bring Munar colonists home within a couple of months. They'll stay up there and do science (despite my being in Sandbox mode :P) for a while longer and then return.

- Finalize the Vortex 2 spaceplane. It won't replace the payload of the Maiden-series launchers but it's a good step towards 20-ton payloads on SSTOs.

- Start development of a larger spaceplane with at least a 5 ton payload capacity. The Vortex 2 is a good proof-of-concept but will only be used for small satellites.

- Expand the ILKOS (International Low Kerbin Orbit Station) and rotate crew. Maybe not totally feasible at this point but it needs to be done.

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I've started using the 6.4 scale Kerbol system mod, and i highly recommend it. Anyway, i had a new save, and thus needed a space station.



Oddly enough, this monstrosity is based off a real Soviet (who else?) plan for strapping 4 and a half ICBMs together! This was called the UR-500 and wasn't built because the Proton was more sensible, or at least more efficient.


The inside of the first stage was hollow.


The second stage wasn't, the third stage was within the 4 boosters of the second. If you zoom in you can still see the first stage falling apart in this picture, i think on the real one it would stay together, but in ksp that cant be made to work easily.



Double Korolev cross from the second stage and the fairing.


The Salyut ripoff circularises, the burn was small enough to ditch the stage in a low enough orbit it would fall back to the planet sooner or later, or at least would if ksp had that orbital decay.

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Cruising my Laythe exploration aircraft prototype over the north pole of Kerbin.


It is designed to airdrop a set of 3 small probes, each of which is equipped with as much science equipment as I could cram in, to make exploring Laythe easier. This picture shows off one of the probes, in its stowed configuration (the other two have already been dropped). They use drogue chutes so that they fall fast enough to land before they despawn. Even so, successful deployment requires flight at no more than 200m above terrain and near-stall speeds. Naturally, this makes deployment in mountainous regions interesting, to say the least. :P


That last probe ended up landing on the plateau you see on the extreme right of the shot, and the plane itself landed on the green tundra about 40km away, after a 1200km flight from KSC (and with a few hundred more left in the tank).

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I finally decided to install some fairings for my rockets, and went with KW. To get the most out of them , I developed a new line of heavy 3.75m rockets of varying power under the name Hephaestus. The smallest, Hephaestus I, can put around 30 tonnes into LKO, and Hephaestus II can lift 40 tonnes. The two current stars of the line-up, however, are III and IV, shown respectively by the two pictures:


III can put 50 tonnes into LKO and 40 tonnes into HKO.


IV can put 45 tonnes in orbit of Mun. I've yet to see what it can put into LKO, but it's probably around the 60 tonne mark, judging by the gradation of the prior rockets.

I think they're pretty neat looking vehicles, too :P

Also, a Munar comms satellite, and a photo taken by one of the crew of the Columbia Research Station:



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and a photo taken by one of the crew of the Columbia Research Station:

That's an awesome looking screenshot of Kerbal rising above the Mun, and the glare around Kerbol looks great. Do you mind telling me what skybox and texture replacer you're using? Is it Astronomer's pack?

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That's an awesome looking screenshot of Kerbal rising above the Mun, and the glare around Kerbol looks great. Do you mind telling me what skybox and texture replacer you're using? Is it Astronomer's pack?

I've been getting this a lot, so I may have to start making a document with this all on so I don't have to keep typing it up :P

Anyway, the skybox is pulled from a point in the Large Magellanic Cloud in Space Engine and I'm using Universe Replacer (it's better than TR for stitching skyboxes together).

The sun glare is more tricky and requires editing game files to get it into the game, but it's not too difficult. It goes without saying, though; back-up your KSP! Have a look around the UR thread, as there are a couple of sun glare options there.

Finally, I'm using Better Atmospheres for the planets. This mod actually comes with a sun glare of its own, and while I did use it for a while, I've come to prefer the one I'm using now.

Hope this helps :)

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The huge purple marble.

Touchdown in six seconds...


I love the attention to detail. Do you see that there's only three "contact probes" instead of four? That's because Neil Amstrong noticed it was possible for the fourth one (under the ladder) to bend upwards, practically making an EVA impossible, so they decided it would be safer to go with three instead.

Now that I remember, I think I was the one who told the modder to delete the fourth one! :D

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Just flying my Douglas DC-3. Not really fast, but KAX's radial engines are perfect for this plane.

:cool: That's great, makes me want to get back into FSX, I seem to remember in one of the missions there's a tricky DC3 landing tucked in between Alaskan mountains.

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