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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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I, uh, put a really big space station into orbit...


... and I mean big when I say big. That torus is 50 metres across. One can only hope that the funds that went into this will be worth it (they will). Home Point Starport will be the stopping point for ships travelling to and from Kerbin, providing refuelling services and habitation. It's no science station, so Skywatch is far from obsolete.

Also, a Cygnus flying to the (WIP) Minmus Gateway Station.



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Actual ingame event depicted. The asteroid entered steeply into the atmosphere west of KSC over the water just offshore from the desert, exploded a few km up. The asteroid heating up was imaged from a zoomed out perspective then composited with a view from the launch pad water tower. A yellow line with motion blur and fragment effects forms the tail. Created in Paint.NET


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I have made a little cartoon-like intro for my Low-mass JOOL-5 Challenge entry. I have landed with a less than 10 tons vehicle on all the planets and moons, except Eve. With ion drive on most of them!

Click on the picture for the full story:


This, my friend, is just the most awesome example of great mission planning and unbelievable patience. You make me feel very small with my nuclear engines and the giant fuel tanks. Keep up the great work :D

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Where did you get that BEAUTIFUL torus? *wantwantwant*

Here you go: Small Stanford Torus

Just beware; I modified the textures on mine, so the one you'll download won't be white. It's easy enough to modify them, though.

EDIT: Watch out. I'm not sure if it was KSP or the Torus acting up, but Home Point just got Kraken'd. The torus went flying off with struts still attached, and some phantom forces came into play. Test your designs in sandbox mode if you plan on using this thing.

EDIT 2: It may not be the Torus after all, as it happened to another station of mine. Killed a mod I just installed, restored a back-up, and Home Point lives again :)

EDIT 3 (what?!): Nope, I think it's the Torus :huh:

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It looks more fun than it is. The mousebuttons are off and I managed to get myself a terrible case of motion sickness.


^^ here's how to do it. Took me a while to find online/figure it out.

Really cool!

Goodbye Kerbin, Mun and Minmus, I'm going to the sun!


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