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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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I don't think I'm joining the huge ship bandwagon, two out of two attempts resulted in CTD.

Instead, I'm going smaller! Fast and sleek fighters were always a major part of aerial warfare, but Midgard Aerospace Supremacy Foundation couldn't even think of building those before the era of 0.25.

XK-F-1 Transonic Jet Fighter

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Jeb testing the huge descent ladder on an ill fated, early version of an Eve return lander.


The lander with transfer vehicle in Kerbin orbit.


The business end of another failed Eve lander in Kerbin orbit.


Malzor Kerman carrying out some routine maintenance on Space Station 1 before his epic return trip to Eve.


After launch Malzor's 1st Eve vehicle was found to have a serious fault, so a fresh, fixed (and snacks laden) ship was sent up to dock with it.


Swapping ships with James.


View from inside Malzor's lander can of James' ship about to head home.


Malzor's ship about to enter Eve orbit.


Malzor on Eve.


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I had some mods like kerbinside and EVE, but i don't know if these mods caused it. Since I play with a mac, I played fullscreen. But when I got out off full screen, well that happened:D

The stars are from the default mac background thingy

has everything been ok since?

because that looks very much like the last time I burned out a graphics card.

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This is a screenshot of me landing on the mun in the old demo (0.13.3)

No mechjeb. No patched conics. No EVA. No IVA. No Tracking Center or persistence files. No docking. No in-game tutorials. No Kerbals other than Bill, Bob, and Jebediah. No spaceplane hangar. No Kerbals in the VAB. No music. No celestial bodies other than Kerbin, Kerbol, and the Mun. No "large" part sizes. No Astronaut Complex. No reverting. No contracts. No Administration Building. No Quicksave/Quickload.

Just you, the rocket, Bill, Bob, and Jebediah.

Don't get me wrong, I like all the features that the newer versions of KSP has. But I'll never forget my first time in 0.13.3


This was the result of two out of the three mun landing attempts for that particular mission. Compare that explosion to this one to see how far KSP's most spectacular feature has changed.

Thanks to trydyingtolive for his

tutorial. In case you were wondering, I used that rocket.

These are the only two screenshots I took for that mission. I wish I'd taken more.

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