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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Deorbited my first station, wasn't being used at all & just hurt fps.


Looks like it enjoyed the process too...


The crew took refuge in the rather cramped confines of my low orbit station - intended as a refuelling stop - so I had to construct & send a large plane up to get them. Docking it with a cargo plane also docked at the time was an exercise in FPS death...




This is just what it is.


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Duna's southern ice sheet looks so...pretty...in this light.


I was making a drive unit to take a lander to Duna, only I decided to take the drive section straight to Jool. I tried aerobraking at Laythe, but since I was too low and wasn't going to make orbit again, I just gunned it...



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Sky Can I gets an additional habitat module and some docking ports. A small tanker was decoupled and deorbited to make room.


Sky Can I lit up on Kerbin's night side, with the Mun visible in the background.


Jeb seems very excited by this antenna.


Bob lost his keys to the airlock again, so Mac is taunting him through the station's command pod window, which makes Bob unhappy.


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Floating Jool base. It had solar panels and a central balloon but the pressure crushed them. Mind you it wasn't permanent because there was no way to save it despite it being completely still.


I think this is fantastic.

Silly question about this one; If you'd built this with say, a hitchiker pod and a detachable command pod, detatched the latter - wouldn't the game switch perspective to the command pod and therefor leave the floating base alone? I don't know anything about the balloons, would the game once the physics were unloaded just ignore bouyancy and start accelerating the base down into Jool?

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