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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Going for a test drive with my new Short-Range Exploration Rover (S-RER), which is being designed as a small "runabout" for a much larger vehicle.


The rover, already a few km from the KSC.


Showing off the science equipment packed into the trunk.


Popping a... trackie...? I guess...? on the way up a hill.


Bill and Jeb examine the communications station they just unpacked from the cargo containers.

Uses LackLusterLabs, Bobcat's HOME 3 pack, tracks from Kerbal Foundries, KAS, and the lights from ASET's ERS rover pack.

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I made a sleigh... because I had to do some atmospheric scans.


No, I'm serious, I had to do some atmospheric scans. Kristmas doesn't not need saving, let the real Santa Kerman handle it!:P


The thing actually handled surprisingly well.


Yes, it's a VTOL.


Mission accomplished! 20k Funds rewarded!:cool:


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Another rover on the test circuit. This time around, it's a revive of my old Dunebug-class mobile outpost, but packed with even more features and hardware.




The newly redesigned Dunebug clocks in at 23.8 tons, has a crew of 15, and carries enough hardware to overcome just about any challenge (including a small rover packed up in those crates). The vehicle can also be airlifted using the attachment points on the top, and is capable of operating completely independently for months at a time.

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Note to self: a level 1 SPH's roof doesn't support the weight of a 26 ton rocket descending with 6m/sec. :D


You can see the ship, quite tiny in the middle. But repairing that is quite cheep. Only 10'000√F, so it just reduces my profit. I wonder if it gets more expensive the more you destroy it, I want to know but I don't want to try it. :D

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