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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Space station Alfa is now operational and open for business. Operating at 350km above Kerbin.
We have all the latest gadgets to keep you busy on those long nights in space.
Plenty of room, 6 docking bays and full service fuel depot.
We have a 17 Kerbal capacity and are currently holding four.
Swing on by for a drink and say hello to our friendly crew while you check out the view of Kerbin from any of our three guest cupola's.
We are open all hours, seven days a week.
Stop on by any time.CboeekqUUAAHtop.jpg














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Single-Stage to Lunar Intercept. I think I have slightly overbuilt my moon rocket. I was planning to use the second stage for the TMI, then enter orbit and land with the descent stage. Instead, I got to a 13km periapsis of the Moon with the first stage, and used the second stage to enter orbit, then de-orbit and do most of the landing. The lander set down with nearly full tanks.


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Asteroid fiddling with KAS is the source of so many awesome screenies...



That's all the same rock, BTW, with two different vehicles docked at different times. A sizable rock, about ~2500mT when I caught it and ~2000 now. And the thing on top Klawed to the greenhouse in the second picture? Yeah, I brought it into low equatorial orbit over kerbin on a single nuke. :cool:


Rune. Writing on asteroids is FUN!

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