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Has anyone checked out DECQ's Shuttle yet? It seems to be coming along very nicely.
















Handles very well. Had some installation issues at the start. Evidently the main tank is only for RealFuels (CFG is LqdHydrogen and LqdOxygen), but setting these to Liquidfuel and Oxidizer (respectively) and switching their amounts, and subsequently replacing the mod's SSME's with the Stock ones..and you have yourself a functioning stock shuttle for KSP. 


Control is very well, especially during launch. SRB sep is quick enough so that they don't hit the wings, and my only gripe is poor control during re-entry. (Very easy to enter a flatspin). Keep it within a few degrees of your prograde, though - and it's smooth sailin', baby.


EDIT: In case you haven't been able to tell from the pics, i'm a HUGE sucker for shuttle Challenger. Fortunately, this mod lets you change the Orbiter's textures to any of the actual ones (Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, etc...) and, yes - it comes with a functioning robotic arm. 


I still love the "workhorse" of the fleet. 




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Here's a picture of Research station K-1 New Heaven.


I just wanted to create a good looking station that i could then get to orbit using cheats (cuz i suck at rocketry).

Unfortunetly it's not around anymore. It was built before 1.1 and used mods (BD-armory and SXT stock extension pack).

Even if it was still around, it would propably have the same fate as my Munar probe/satellite that just exploded as soon as i went to it (also built before 1.1).

And no, i never actually used it for anything. I built it, launched it and then took some picks, and that's about it.

Tough im pretty sure that something like this could be built legit by doing multiple launches, im not gonna even try it since i have never done even a single docking manouver or any rendezvous.

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Why does it have crossbows, kapteenipirk? 

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17 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

Why does it have crossbows, kapteenipirk? 

Why, to defend against dragon-, er, krakens of course!

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21 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

Why does it have crossbows, kapteenipirk? 

Well, their just decoration (they where supposed to be docking arms of sort). But, the station does have 8 chainguns for defence tough.

4 hours ago, Redhaze said:

Why, to defend against dragon-, er, krakens of course!

But, im very certain that you wont be able to do anything against Kraken once he gets mad unless you have a big capitalship ion cannon or MAC gun of sort.


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A science station headed for Kerbin orbit.



Science station with recently added re-entry pod cluster.



"Really! They filled all the snack lockers with silly string and shaving foam. Come up and take a look"


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Working on new Shuttle textures, intended to look realistic. 


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I like this particular screenshot, feels like the booster is a slumbering beast.


I was experimenting with custom made engine clusters, this was the most successful one, that's 9 Vector engines with nerfed gimbals so it won't tear itself apart.

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On 5/23/2016 at 11:40 PM, CelticCossack51 said:

I got bored, so I just built one beast of a miner.



All I see in that is Command And Conquer. It screams Command and Conquer "Harvesters".

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A bit of an image dump (8 images) , but I've been at this for 3 months now. This is a VERY proud day for me

I finally landed on Duna! AND have enough fuel to return!

I used ALL conventional rockets (no nuclear engines, no hybrid engines)...and probably the widest variety of mods you could imagine, mish-mashed into one great adventure.


Contrary to the majority of players who play KSP (or so I have observed), I did not buy a game with a beautifully-modeled solar system to relegate myself to flying planes under the atmosphere! We need to explore space, and we need to do with with KERBALS, and we need to bring them BACK ALIVE!


Because AMERICA.


Anyways, my strategy was to launch two giant rockets that somewhat resemble the S.L.S. (Except with 4 SRB's instead of 2). One is a "cargo", and contains the Duna lander, rover, power station, and ascent vehicle.




Another S.L.S would launch an Orion CSM and a massive fuel/engine tug stage.



(Both have fairings because I used big clamp-o-tron Sr's, which were too big for the Orion LES. Sure, it's less safe - but I'd rather that then have to worry about docking port jitters during burns).

The two MASSIVE vehicles then dock (boy was that quite a task)




...and burn into a solar orbit!


80 days later, we burn to Duna.


370 DAYS later, we enter Duna's S.O.I!


(We had to drop a stage off along the way. Sorry for littering in you, space!)


Anyway, let's break down the landing process.




On the bottom is the Duna Excursion Module (Great mod, look it up!). It's designed to be the central piece of a Duna mission, but i'm just using it as an ascent vehicle. (Notice it's not tall and liable to tip over. Looks like the director of The Martian never thought of that one.)

Above it is a descent stage of the Altair, courtesy of Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems. Above that is a white fuel tank, and above that is the WildBlueIndustries Buffalo DSEV Rover! (and above THAT is the Altair ascent stage).


So, we have this massive Duna sandwich.


I separate the DEM (Let's call it the DAV...or maybe the Egg), and land it with 2 of my 4 Kerbals inside. The rest of the landing stuff is still in orbit.




(Yeah, okay - I know the Rover is pictured here, but this was later. I was too excited and in the moment to be taking pics)


THEN, we de-orbit (using the altair descent fuel) our Duna-sandwich in the area ROUGHLY nearby the Egg (It ended up being a good 7.9 KM away, but that was doable in the rover.

After using up all the Altair descent stage fuel, we come scooting in the atmosphere. We deploy parachutes on the descent stage, and separate it. We deploy parachutes on the rover, and separate it! WE DEPLOY PARACHUTES ON THE ASCENT STAGE, AND SEPARATE IT!

Now, ladies and gentlemen - I never tested any of this, but it all worked like a DREAM. All 3 modules unfurled their parachutes beautifully, and landed upright without a hitch. 



And surprise! The Altair descent stage is actually a HUB for some inflatable modules, courtesy of Umbra Space Industries!


The Altair "ascent" stage is nothing more than a power station, and thanks to KAS, we have an operating base in no time.




Our base is functioning, and all 4 Kerbals are on the surface. 11 months from now, I hope to get them to the Egg, and rendezvous with with the 2 Kerbals in the 6-seat Orion I have orbiting Duna. Let's wish them the best of all good luck! 


Thanks for bearing with me on this one, guys. I'm a sucker for conventional exploration methods. Thank god for parachutes. (and thank god they don't interfere with eachother when tightly packed together). hehe...


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Unfortunately, my computer is like 6 years old, and game lags at lowest resolution & effects... I would upload images if they were good :mad:

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Some of the pictures I have taken with the Kassini spacecraft, orbiting around Sarnus in my career game.

The spacecraft has an on board Telescope/Camera

Here's the spacecraft taking a picture of Slate, its shadow on Sarnus atmosphere and Eloo.



Here's the picture:



Ovok orbiting over the rings of Sarnus:






And a close-up image of Tekto's surface:






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