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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Warning: Eye candy levels in the following image are two times the recommended amount. It is likely you will OD on eye candy, and It is not suggested to view it if you have a heart condition, I am not responsible for any medical emergencies following viewing this image, and viewer discretion is advised.



Yup. Those are plasma streaks. With Scatterer. And KSPRC. And Stock Replacement Assets. The closer one is the second stage and LS module, while the smaller one is the jettissoned batteries and LES.


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Maxisa adjusting her re-entry trajectory to bring the Eve Redux in over land after returning from the surface of Eve.


Then re-entry itself


I'm really liking the improvement to the visuals that SVE/Scatter combined is making to the game, so props to the people behind those addons.


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Here's one of my personal faves.

While testing the FS-404, the wings somehow collided with each other (despite being on opposite sides of the plane) and while preparing to ditch, it somehow started flying in a straight line again. Made a safe landing at KSC against all odds. (pic not included sadly, i was too excited and ended the flight before taking a shot)


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