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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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7 hours ago, purpleivan said:

A few pics from the early stages of my career game in 1.2









man i wish i had a beasty enough pc to run graphical mods, my computer can run as many mods that add content to the game as i so please, but as soon as i try to install any graphics mods even on the stock game, my computer vomits all over the floor and commits ritual seppuku, but man that just makes the game look so freakin good :o

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Still playing in 1.1.3 (as I'm waiting some plugins for 1.2) I completed my take on ISS (almost: i forgot Pirs, Poisk an Razved) just to take some photos of her before closing my saves to restart again from scratches.
As I already posted multiple time this effort, I just add here the 2 images I like the most:


... Kerbin background...


... and Kerbol background (with guest appearance, as tiny specks, of Jool, Moho and Eve)

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Soyuz Apollo mission

BhL0prz.png L6271S4.png dCHRFuU.png rfJxJZD.png

Soyuz spaceship                                                                                         inside


Apollo spaceship                                                                                        inside


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Some more pics from the early stages of my 1.2 career game.


Throwing capsule across the globe for a quick science grab



A paying customer heading up to orbit



Another quietly impressed by the trip to Mun.



Greatly impressed by the view when he gets there arrival though.




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Some more pics from my 1.2 career game.


Valentina took a lander down to get some soil samples for a contract, only to find that it behaved like a drunk on a dance floor when it encountered a fairly shallow slope on touching down, hanging at seemingly impossible angles before swinging back the other way.



Fortunately it eventually righted itself enabling her to get back into orbit for a rendezvous with the re-entry vehicle.



Which took her (and the lander... just managed to make a touchdown with it still attached) back to a safe landing on Kerbin.



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