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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Yet more pics from my latest career game.

A reusable tourist bus for trips to Mun and Minmus parked in Kerbin orbit while waiting for the cheque to clear.



More pennies being earned, this time testing some wheels after a dunking in the sea.



Instead of pennies it's scraps of science that we're after this time, with Jeb taking a quick jump over to the mountains to the west of the KSC.



Jeb riding Major Kong style in the Private Mun Landing challenge.





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My career mode save. I landed on Minmus for the 4th? time, for some science mining. The background here, in a back nook of the Lesser Flats, is awesome. I already have science packages in orbit around Eve and Ike, with a large ship for a manned Duna mission in the works as soon as the transfer window opens. I try to do all my missions as cheaply as possible, and only if a contract exists to reward me for it. This Minmus lander set only costs $34,500 on the pad, and it can do between 2-3 surface hops before returning home. My Mun landing package costs almost the same, but it can't hop around on the surface. My upcoming manned Duna mission, however, will set me back $120,000, which is a huge increase.

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Well, speaking of Duna, I just got my first colony on Duna in a career save. (I promise I only photoshopped it a little bit.) I actually made a forum post with the whole "story" and a bunch more screenshots HERE, but these two are the best from the album, and probably some of the best screenshots I've taken.

Survey satellite


The pioneers


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