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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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4 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

taxiing out

Taxiing Out


Perfect, in every way.

But please revert the front wheels, tweakscale the rear one smaller.

Otherwise, perfect. :wink:

Ow, and the wings could be pitched a bit up.

Perfect ^_^


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On 1/27/2017 at 9:22 PM, V8jester said:

And a golden onion to the person who can properly identify this aircraft :)





I may sound a little silly if I'm incorrect, but that isn't an Orca from Command and Conquer, is it? It looks similar.


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I also have my own creations I've made recently

This first creation is the HK7 Valkyrie. A fun spacecraft I made just to mess around with. It can fly a little bit like a whale if you aren't careful, but otherwise it won't give you any trouble.



Now this behemoth is the largest spacecraft I've ever made in KSP (although I'm coming close to beating it). This is the USS CVN-7 Andromeda. It's a big old assault carrier that is capable of VTOL and atmospheric flight (each of the four engines on the sides produce just shy of 100,000 kN a piece). It is an impressive ship coming in at 281.6 meters long and 26,777 tons unloaded and unfueled.




I also messed around with making my own version of Halo's infamous ODSTs. I called them RRODD troopers (pronounced "Arr-Rod-Dee") which stands for Rapid Response Orbital Deployment Defense Troopers.





A while ago, I also created the F7A Hornet straight out of Star Citizen. I attempted to make it as accurate of a replica as I could. As a result it is unable to fly without infinite fuel running, but it is still a pretty cool looking craft and I'm quite proud of it.





After making the Hornet, I got into a mood of creating super sci-fi air/spacecraft, because who doesn't love that?

This is the F/A-38CM Super Sabre in orbit around Jool. It's a one person space superiority and interceptor aircraft and it handles like a dream, both in atmosphere and out. It can be a little finicky when landing on non-atmospheric bodies as I couldn't quite make it VTOL, so as a result it has some heavy duty RCS and uses retrorockets to slow down at the last possible second when landing. If all goes well, it touches down like an airplane going about 40 m/s horizontal speed when it hits the ground and then you just brake.


I also created the Warlock X5 which is a three person military spacecraft. I don't even know what classification it falls under. It's kind of a jack-of-all-trades. It has VTOL capability too!


I also had been messing around with KSP Interstellar for a while and it's fun little Alcubierre Drive. I created the Hyperion-class Guided Missile Destroyer which is the first military starship I created capable of atmospheric flight (although it can't land), orbital flight, and FTL travel. The most complicated part of it was the propulsion section in the rear. It takes up about a third of the ship and about half of the weight. It consists of 1 IXS Fusion Reactor, 8 Plasma Beam Core Antimatter Reactors (Primary power), 8 Open Cycle Gas Core Reactors (Secondary), and 8 Molten Salt Reactors (Tertiary). They form a type of skeletal structure in the rear. Since it is supposed to be a military vessel, I couldn't just leave it exposed, so I made good use of the procedural wings mod to give it a good coat of armor that makes the aesthetics a little more pleasing and the aerodynamics a little more insane. It's primary propulsion is a HX-HPD (lots of power, but not the most efficient) with it's secondary being two thermal turbojets hooked up to two of the antimatter reactors (they produce somewhere in the range of 5000 kN each, but with an ISP in the 3000s. Anyways, it comes in at 224 parts, exactly 105 meters long and just shy of 1600 tons unfueled. It is the creation I think I am most proud of.



A short while later, I started trying to make the smallest SSTO capable of FTL travel. After a lot of effort I created the SR-F/A-37C Vanguard EM-RSF (Exoatmospheric Multi-Role Strike Fighter). It has a foldable Alcubierre Drive that allows to maintain a relatively sleek and aerodynamic profile while in atmosphere. I like to brag about the fact that it can be quite hard to create an airplane, it's hard to make a well built fighter aircraft, it's difficult to make an SSTO, it's difficult making a VTOL, and it's really hard to make an FTL spacecraft. The Vanguard is all of those.

Here it is about to warp out of the Joolian system.


And this was a nice pic I got of The Vanguard with Jool, Laythe, and one of the other moons (either Bop or Pol) under the wingtip.


And finally I have the F/A-40 Retaliator. Don't ask me how it flies, because I really don't know either. It handles like a charm though! It kinda looks like a flying starfish... meh... whatever... it looks neat.








Thanks for taking a look (those of you that managed all of it). I need to go to bed. It's four in the morning and I have church tomorrow... today... this morning. Gah! That's messing with my head. Good night (morning) fellow kerbonauts.

A little pic heavy so I tossed it in a spoiler. Open at your own risk. :wink: 

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8 hours ago, AWESOMEPIEMAN said:


I may sound a little silly if I'm incorrect, but that isn't an Orca from Command and Conquer, is it? It looks similar.


Actually it's a concept aircraft called the CAS - 1 :) 

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On ‎19‎-‎4‎-‎2013 at 0:10 AM, NuclearWarfare said:

Thank you for the approval, Ted. I wasn't sure if it was needed, but I jumped at the chance for a big thread like such, haha.

Here is my Mun Base Alpha! Ran by Commander Bobbald Kerman, the base currently holds two kerbals. Sadly, the custom lunar buggy had an issue with its wheels, and suffered critical damage in a crash over rough terrain. A new Lunar base is in its concept stage and will we built with second-hand ancient Soviet parts that the kerbals found in a bunker somewhere in what they don't know as Russia.


you might say that lunar buggy was a little 'buggy'

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jeb says thanks from his ultra light-weight orbiter (~200kg)

I think I did something wrong with the links ..... :/

yass it works now




....launching a probe from a nuclear scramjet! (interstellar nuclear ramjet)

it uses VTOL to take off and get up to speed and cruises at speeds >mach 5 at 30+ km!


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need to work out how to make the links show up a lil more?
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2 hours ago, NMWXCO said:

I think I did something wrong with the links

When you grab the link, it needs to have a file extension, e.g. ".png" or ".jpg". KSP takes screenshots in the PNG format, so that's the extension you need. With Imgur, it's as simple as appending ".png" to the link you already have, then pasting it. IPS (the forum software) is particular about the way you paste (it all has to be one shot), so if you don't want to deal with the automatic embedding, there's a drop-down bottom right which allows you to manually embed an image from URL. It'll be red if you can't do that URL.

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