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I did it!

I've done a manned mission to Duna, just orbit and EVAs but still a manned mission to Duna and back without cheats. Again same with the Mun mission I did not want to minimize the window to erase the Steam background glitch just in case of a crash.



No pictures of the Cryogen or manuevering.

Duna orbit.


Jeb doing a lap around the ship.

20170619115242 1 by Pudgemountain


Then Valentina.


And Finally Bill.


After a few EVAs and data collecting the crew got back in abd orbitred for 2 Kerbin days, sadly due to only enough Monopropellant to get back to Kerbin there was no orbit or EVA around Ike.

However on the way out I did encounter Ike for a slingshot.


After another long time in a cryogen coma we encountered Kerbin.


Seperate with enough fuel and Monopropellant to reenter safely.


Two Reentry shots sadly is was too dark for a parachute and splashdown pic.



Total Mission time about 3 years, 25 days Game time, 4 hours real time.

Now to build a lander, do some test on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus, then a unmanned landing and then hopefully a manned landing.

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Today I landed on Mars ( RSS/RO) for the first time.The payload was MEL (Mars Explorative Lander , 9 tons).Its mission objective is taking data on the composition of the Martian atmosphere and the radiation levels , plus some photos of the landing zone for future unmanned/manned landings.


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MEL did an amazing work , but it's still a stationary lander and it wasn't enough.So I started my Curiosity-ish replica for Mars.Called my scientist and started building one.Three months and it was already done.We packed it inside the same type of payload fairing as the MEL (this rover is even lighter!) and sent it to Mars on the same type of rocket.Seven minutes of terror and it was done , it landed safely on the surface at the perfect speed of 0.6 m/s.After a few check that everything was okay , we started using those expensive scientific instruments on the rover , and do you want to know what we discovered on the landing site?There is water on Mars!We also ran some experiments for tracking and geolocation for future manned mission.Beautiful mission.








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On a transportation test for a Prototype Duna lander I decided to send my first rover to the Mun, Not gonna do that again for awhile.

Landed on the East Crater, it was suppose to land on the Midlands.


The Rover itself, took 2 minutes to remember on how to board it.



Good riddance you were nothing but trouble since launch and almost making the lander land on it's side.


Flag pose infront of lander before getting in and heading home.


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Jeb wonders what he did wrong. He was just driving around a bit at 30+ m/s with 6 junos and 8 twitches. Oh, crap, he's enjoying the flames a bit too much....

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I got Hullcam VSD continued and to test it I decided to put a camera on a prototype lander during it's detachable heat shield test. The Camera took 2 shots 1 of Kerbin and the other of the Chute deploying.



Now to anyone who has the mod, can you tell me which camera or cameras is the one with the old grainy television color?

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Docking 2 shuttles together for a very far-fetched mission...



Also this. Not exactly KSP, but seems related to Kerbals


Given it only blooms for a day or two, this is a rather rare sight to get two at once


P.S. It's still rather small - old specimens may actually reach a size of a Kerbal. Or at least half of that.

Wait a second - found an old photo of its parent


Unfortunately, even put in corner like this, it found a way to break under its own weight. Very Kerbal

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Shh, Jeb's sleeping. Don't ask about the building.



6 hours ago, Pudgemountain said:

Now to anyone who has the mod, can you tell me which camera or cameras is the one with the old grainy television color?

Playing around with it.... I don't think one exists. Sorry

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2 hours ago, qzgy said:

Playing around with it.... I don't think one exists. Sorry

Damn but thanks for looking, Well guess we'll just have to go to the electronic store and buy a Kerbpro it's cheaper but less durable than the Black and White camera but better than super gluing a selfie stick with a Kphone 9 on it to the lander.

Good news though after numerous tests on Kerbin and the Mun I did a unmanned landing on Duna with plenty of fuel and Monopropellant to get back and even to go to Ike and back. 

The manned lander wont have all those satellite dishes and smaller solar panels.



Pictures taken by the Lander's Camera.





The final image taken hours later before the power ran out.


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I respect fully do my first post here with one of my creation for the internal corporate KSP contest in Dassault Aviation ( I won this monthly event)

the theme was " built the fav spaceship of your childhood" . there were an artistic score, plus bonus if the spaceship was able to fly, another bonus if able to go outside atmosphere, another bonus for orbiting, and final bonus if being able to land properly

there you are : 

building process







hope you like it, LaMorel

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I FINALLY DID IT! After all this time I finally did a manned landing on Duna.

Image dump.


The chosen crew. 20170623111722_1_by_pudgemountain-dbdv0w

The Rocket, it somehow did not take a screencap of it on the launchpad. 


The Command Module.

20170623133854 1 by Pudgemountain

Goodnight Philip.


Sometime later

Enter Duna Orbit.


Wakey Wakey Jimmy.


Testing the Kerbpro.


The Command and Dunar Modules.


Ready for Descent.


The Surface viewed from the Kerbpro.



Deploying the Chutes.


Chutes deployed.


Kerbpro image after touchdown.


James T. Kerman Exiting.


That's one small step for Kerbals.....


One giant leap for Kerbal kind!


The view from Lt Major Tom Kerman.


Kerbpro with Tom.


Final picture on Duna.


Just as I though I indeed had enough fuel and monopropellant to get to Ike which took me by surprise by it's shear beauty, I thought it would be a boring moon but it's not.


Descending to the Polar Lowlands.


Kerbpro of Ike.


I forgot to take a picture of the lander but here is a picture from Tom's point of view.


After a few in game hours of exploring Ike we went back and rendevous with the Mothership and headed home.

Reentering Kerbin.


Drogues deployed.


Main Chutes deployed.


Houston we are home!


Total Time: Game 3y 38d 4:48:05, Real life about 8 hours.

That was historical and fun but it's not the only mission to Duna I will do more, and once that is done I will go to the Joolian system.


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Sorry still new to the hidden content thing.

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I decided to do a size comparison of my Lunar and Duna landers but without the RCS thrusters and science equipment, I am not good maneuvering them side by side so top to bottom is the best I can do. Lunar on the top and Duna on the bottom.


They both use the VA Capsule from the RN Soviet packs and the Gemini white legs from FASA but they are different with everything else., sadly the pack where the engines came from is no longer around.

1: The Lunar lander is obviously smaller and the top tank holds only 600 Monopropellant while the Duna Lander's top tank holds 2700 MP.

2: The engines on the Lunar lander are maybe bigger but it only has 2 engines with about 80 thrust each in both Atmosphere and Vacuum and they run on liquid fuel and oxidizer while the Duna lander has 4 engines with 300 Atmosphere and 330 Vacuum thrust each and they run on liquid hydrogen.

3: Duna lander has parachutes while the Lunar lander does not for obvious reasons.

Mods used are are.

RN Soviet Ships pack, I recommend getting all the RN Soviet packs they are really nice and really detailed.


KW Rocketry.

Simian Endeavors which I can't find anymore.

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Day : 145, Ares XX arrives in his parking orbit at 112km above Duna

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On 17/06/2017 at 4:32 AM, Triop said:

"What is your pleasure, sir ?"


anyone up for a "takeover" kind of "story" ^^ just "" ... emikoff

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I took a little break from sending Kerbals to space and decided to build a Zeppelin with the Heisenberg mod.


1 hour ago, WinkAllKerb'' said:

up for a "takeover" kind of "story" ^^ just "" ... emikoff

Not really a takeover but for the past month I have been thinking of a storyline where Kerbin is in a Civil Cold War between the United Federation of Planets(Star Trek) and the Democratic Order Of Planets(Futurama) with certain figures like Werhner Von Kerman have remained neutral. Short summary is while both factions are similar they have different opinions for example DOOP supporters highly disagree with the Prime Directive stating it is flawed and the Federation is full of members who are hypocritical about it plus if a planet and it's species are gonna die then how is it interfering with development of a planet if there is not gonna be a planet. Federation supporters think that Doop helping out primitive planets is while thoughtful but also wrong at the same time and that planets need to develop on their own.

That's all I got so far, it was just something I was thinking.


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Who can spot the arch?



P.S, Some were old 1.1.2 pics.

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I decided to fly Vostok and one thing I love about the RN mods is when reentering with Vostok and Voskhod you will make artificial comets.


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