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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Image dump.

Here are some pics of my first manned mission to Jool and landings on both Laythe and Tylo.


The Chosen Crew.


Ready to leave Kerbin.


Sometime later.

Orbiting Jool with Laythe's shadow.


Alexey(I know i typoed when I made him) walking to the lander.


Laythe Descent.


We have Landed!


Valentina exiting out to be the first Kerbal on Laythe.



The view is nice.



Final picture before departing and I finally have been able to use this flag I made it 3 years ago for when i do get to Laythe.


Now the pictures from Tylo.


We have landed again!


Edward H. Kerman about to be the first on Tylo.


Another good view, with Laythe shoehorning itself in.


Final picture before heading home.


That was fun but it took me over 6 hours in real time to do. Next mission will be another manned mission to Jool but this time landing on Vall, Pol and maybe Bop pending on fuel and monopropellant.

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Skimming through the top's of Jool's atmosphere in search of valuable gasses, this vessel views the distant sunrise, some 190 kilometers above the green darkness, of which this vessel could surely never escape.

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Arral-1 Shuttle test flight

small cryogenic engine in the middle of the engine cluster purely for circularization burns

California looks AWESOME from space! I didn't even know it had all these tiny islands situated off the coast.

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On 29/07/2017 at 5:00 AM, Jack Wolfe said:

sailing ships,

One day I'll work out how to do it without a billion poly's . pretty ship :)

In the mean time





On 23/07/2017 at 2:11 PM, DiscoSlelge said:

X-15 Test, on a B-52 modified

And that is very cool,  not a question i often ask, is the X15 a thing? rather than a private project, and if the former can  i have one :)

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30 minutes ago, SpannerMonkey(smce) said:
  Reveal hidden contents



And that is very cool,  not a question i often ask, is the X15 a thing? rather than a private project, and if the former can  i have one :)

Sorry I don't understand what you mean :huh:

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My second manned mission to Jool, this time I landed on Vall and sadly while trying to land on Pol the game lagged so bad, thank god i saved before heading to Pol but we found cryo volcanoes and alot of seismic activity on Vall

We're working on getting colored cameras to work on ships hopefully before we send a probe to Eve.



We have landed.


Pol before the game lagged like no tomorrow.

20170730153304 1 by Pudgemountain

Next missions are a landing on Bop, Probably Pol if the game doesn't lag, underwater mission of Laythe and then journey is to Eve.

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Further pics from my Career Evolution Contract Pack game.


Tomsey Kerman excitedly plants the flag for a few of those all important funds, although with the unnerving feeling of having the entirety of Kerbalkind behind him and wondering what they're up to.



Is the guy in the science lab happy to be here... he seems unsure.



After a moment's deliberation he decides yes he is... very much so.



Meanwhile back in Kerbin orbit a pair who have been on a long duration stay of 180 days on the fabulously named "Station 1" received a visitor in the form of an unmanned return vehicle, sent up to bring them home.




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Created a lander similiar to the Altair one from the Constellation program and flew it to the Moon.Great travel, around 90% successful.

I made an album to prevent a enormous amount of pic spam

Since the mission was a success , there are plans for long term /undefined stay on the Moon for exploration.Yes , this means a Lunar colony.The Altair lander has a capacity of 15-20 tons per flight (around 445 m^3 of space).

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