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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Photos form the Elvira landing probe have arrived!

Normally I would send an orbiting probe to take pictures and do Biome and terrain scans but based on Telescopic studies, it's size, thick atmosphere and closeness to Kerbol we had to make sure if a landing was even possible.


Look at that sunrise.




We have landed!


Airbags deflated revealing Elvira.


20 minutes later when it was brighter Elvira took the first picture of Eve's surface.


Sadly 3 minutes after taking the picture we lost contact with Elvira even though it's generators were meant to make it last for 2 weeks.

Even though she lasted 23 minutes on Eve, Elvira has given us alot of information of Eve.

1: A landing is possible.

2: It's radiation belt is way more stronger than the Van Kerman belt, however on the surface there is little to no radiation at all due to the thick clouds.

3: It's surface temperature varies from extreme cold to extreme hot even hotter than Moho, so we need to make suits that can adapt to the temperatures.

4: The Atmosphere is very deadly.

5: It does have seismic activity so Eve is active.

6: It's gravity and atmospheric pressure is very strong which might explain why we lost contact with Elvira so we need to make suits that can withstand the pressure, and I don't think a modified Duna or Laythe lander would work.

Overall I am very happy the way this mission turned out.

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These were some pictures of my defeated/obliterated probe on Jool's moon Laythe. It's what happens when you put the wrong heat-shield on.

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Added another picture. Haha.
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Anubis Alpha - A collab design reworked, capable of Mun free-return fly-by and return landing on Kerbin.

Forum/Imgur fail. Craft deleted.:mad:


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Images from the Cupid Probe when it was scanning Eve and Gilly, the probe was later sent to Kerbol due to fear of bacteria and radiation contaminating Eve or Gilly.




Final shot of Kerbol before Cupid got disintegrated.


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On 26.8.2017 at 5:52 PM, Castille7 said:

If you ever run into a SpaceTrashCan, open it up and take out the F-22 Raptor!! I just gave it a flight to my favorite photo spot. @SpaceTrashCan hope you don't mind me showing off another one of your craft? :D My picture does it no justice.......see it here


Haha no Problem :D  I'm glad you like the Raptor i built :) 

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I decided to switch to Mars Methane engines (67 kN thrust each) and with a min throttle of 33%, since RL10s use Hydrolox fuel(man that boiloff!) and they are not throttable.I ran some tests and the result were...fascinating.Looks like Methalox is extremely efficent on Mars (production and liftoff).


And man , I love that orange-yellow plume , fits so well on Mars!

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Jiggles Kerman, you had one job and that was to help Val land the space shuttle at KSC and you pitched too up which caused it too stall and splashdown.




Don't give me that look, just for that and your careless actions you are disqualified from the Manned Eve missions.

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