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A K-96 fighter plane airframe being tested for flight-worthiness.


Jeb having some fun with this one...

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Ok , the MAV testing is over and the ISRU works just fine.The next step is making the MDV (Mars Descent Vehicle) or Hab.This spacecraft is still a prototype and it will need many changes to work properly and  have an higher efficency.

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Some more career mode pics... been a busy time around the red planet.

Val aligns orbital plane with the 2nd manned Duna lander for a contract rendezvous.


2nd manned Duna lander testing a separator for a contract (shame I didn't test the inflatable heatshield first).


Took the 2nd manned Duna lander for a trip to Ike. Seen here after return to orbit awaiting rendezvous with the transfer vehicle before making the trip home.


Sending an engineer up to a contract Mun mining vessel (would have been a lot cheaper to have remembered to put him in it in the first place).


Val prepares to drop of a rover at Duna.



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The KSC is having trouble on an Eve lander design after the company that made the engines for the Laythe and Duna Landers stopped making the powerful models (They were highly radioactive) plus they needed to test if this new experimental material can withstand Eve's pressure and gravity.

Bill had the idea to build a lander from the novel he's reading about a bunch of ape like creatures landing on a Planet that is bigger than Eve, so they agreed and did an unmanned test.


We fixed the nosedive issue that happened with Elvira and the Classified first unmanned landing attempt.


Drogue Chute deployed.


Main Chute deployed.


We have landed.


Unfortunately the engines were too weak to get it off the ground, but good news is the Material used to make the lander did work and we had contact with the lander for 17 days before the signal went out.

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Goodbye Cassini! And thank you for everything! ;.;





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54 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

Goodby Cassini! And thank you for everything! ;.;

Boldy go where no probe has gone before.

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So I was going through some old screenshots and I found this little thing


IIRC, I was messing around with extensions to BDArmory, and testing the practicality of nukes in space combat. So, I detonated a nuke in the middle of a group of frigates. Sorry about the bad screenshot, the game was lagging so bad that I was only able to get this one picture

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We are still trying to develop an Eve lander, however we got the green light for a Manned orbit of Eve, spacewalk and a landing on it's moon Gilly.


The first manned flight of the Kaluga variant of the Gemini/Orion nuclear pulse rocket.


Lt. Major Tom Kerman is the first Kerbal to spacewalk above Eve.


First person view test.


POV of Vladimir Kerman walking to the lander.


(Inhales) I am gonna kill the guy who keeps allowing Jeb to install the cameras.



Flag pose.


We made it back home safely.


Sorry for the lack of pictures of the spacewalk and surface of Gilly but this mission took me hours to do.

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Here are pictures of my future mod ''DoubleDouble'' WIP

(DoubleDouble is a mod that add a solar system that has 4 stars!)


Pictures :


Crisi system


Kerbin with the mod ''DoubleDouble''


Eeloo with the mod ''DoubleDouble''


Draco this is the only moon of Willana (Sorry for the graphic bug :/)


Moho with the mod ''DoubleDouble''


Picture of Milo


Crisi-BA and Crisi-BB


Crisi-AA and Crisi-AB


Picture of Willana


Kerbal in normal

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As the passenger ship, carrying one thousand passengers brakes into orbit around Jool, the elongated shadow of Vall is cast upon the green gas giant.

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I was trying to have a somewhat emotional evening, so I decided to go through the oldest screenshots I have on this computer. There are older ones (on the brick and the potato, respectively) so I didn't expect to see anything tear jerking. I was wrong.

I just got - it's been so long since I've actually played KSP. I mean, recently I've done RO/RP-0, which is fun... Before that I got sucked up into writing, which means playing to follow a story in a specific direction. It also limits you because if you get too far ahead in gameplay then you don't remember how to make the story...

It's been several months, if not a year.


In this album of screenshots I found screenshot number 326.


This screenshot, for me, represents future memories and lost dreams simultaneously.

I'm ashamed I can't even remember the order of my early crewed planetary expeditions. Before this came Dunarian IVB, another Duna mission, an Orion style Eve flyby, a Jool flyby maybe... And I'm 90% sure this was before I tried to recreate Kusster's Eve story in my own save...

Anyways, this was the launch of - oh. I forgot its name. Silly me.

This was one of my first 5 or so manned interplanetary expeditions, way back in 1.0.5. I remember it was a very special occasion, particularly because it was my first manned interplanetary voyage in career mode. All earlier attempts were in sandbox. I remember I went all out - I built giant fireworks, I downloaded someone's crew transport bus and spelled "EVE" on the back using linear RCS ports... I made the epic looking launch tower which included an interior ladder, an upper observation deck, and an almost functional (those fairings) crew boarding arm.

The six souls onboard became, if I recall correctly, the first Kerbals to land on Gilly for me, ever. In fact, one Kerbal, I forget who, became the first part to touch Gilly, before even the landing legs. The return mission nearly ended in disaster, however, due to a low fuel margin and a terribly built spaceplane... Okay, I admit, I may have used ignore max temperature...

The point is, I kept looking through my screenshots... I found so much unfinished business... my first Mun and Minmus bases, several careers, two pre Project-Intrepid Intrepid prototypes, an asteroid station, and the big one: Jool Expedition Two.

Jool Expedition Two was supposed to be a follow up to Jool Expedition One, a flotilla that sent ten or so ships to Jool (and landed Kerbals on Bop, Pol, Tylo, and Laythe, but not Vall). It left the mothership behind due to a lack of fuel where it became Vall Station Petersen. The Laythe plane is still on Laythe, the SSTO still in orbit... the ScanSat still orbiting Pol... waiting for years to be used...

And there was that one way Laythe base...


If only I had an infinite amount of time on my hands...










EDIT: Another relatable but non KSP gif:

Image result for outlaw star gene gif

All I know about this picture is that I have seen it around and it's from an anime somewhere, but it looks really cool... man, I wish we made rockets like that...



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Kinda like the look of this one.



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