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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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My first pics from 1.4, so without the usual Scatter et al goodness.

Bob, Bill and Val heading for orbit using some nice new parts (well re-textured anyway)



Coming back down.



Val decided to try out the new personal chute, so bailed on the capsule at 5000m



She catches sight of the capsule and steers for a rendezvous on the ground.



After her chute magically packs away, she scampers off across the grasslands to meet up with Bob and Bill.



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some pics taken by the MIT(Minmus Interplanetary Transport)


the base is still very small (it isnt still self-sustenibel) + it has a BIG mess of pipes from KAS.the base is being constructed by the now 4 crew there(AKA they take resources from minmus,smelt them,proces them and constructing them you need interplanetary lunchpads for this)

o and the pics where  taken with mods but i didnt edit them just saying this incase someone was wondering about the post-prosecing effects (installed KS3Pfor this)

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just took more pics from the same mission soo i decided to place them in the same post
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How much fuel do you have left after successfully landing your first stage? How about 0?


I'll be honest, I didn't expect it to be this close. The first thing I did after making sure the rocket doesn't tumble was jump out of my chair while cheering because I was getting frustrated with a previous landing (that one didn't work out; KSP needs wider landing legs).

That was my most amazing landing yet and I don't think you can get any closer to failure.

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This is the closest I have landed back at the Launchpad...... And damn, I am proud!

That's not tears in my eyes, its saline representation of pride!

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I'm just clearing out some old stuff on my computer, when I found this one:


Nothing special really, it was captured ages ago when I was playing the Demo game.  A simple little lander - a prototype for a much larger mission actually - that I landed on the South Pole of Minmus.

I really like the dim sunlight, the shadows, and Kerbin and Mun low down in the distance.

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The Koeing Aerospace Group's newest Fleet Line has been spotted, test flying it's SpaceJam series craft, in hopes that they win the bid for the next Inter Galactic trip to SigmaKaurus.

 while all this is happening we have not heard from the competitor's like Krummen. who one the last bid with its GalaxPlore series of vehicles, now being used to populate and support the "Duna  and DeltaCyclonus Missions" 

"Cost over runs are no longer a concern.. they are inevitable!" One government official is overheard saying.




The Company reports "All systems tested flawlessly" "we are ready to deliver"!

Jasmina is the leading pilot of the new program and has been looking forward to the launch dates set.

she exclaims "the crew is ready and excited to be able to explore this galaxy and communicate our findings"

all this reporter can say is, God Speed, To All!

Spec's have just been Released:; Sleeps 100 Kerbinauts and comes complete with twin medical complexes and the ability to scan all know resources from far and near.

the ship has 3 cargo bays with 2 mining rovers and 1 hoverscanner craft, 2 LRange Relays and 2 Intergalaxtic Relays

and a full base assembly including twin greenhouses and habitat's to deploy on the surface it finds safe.::KAG


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Some more pics from my 1.4 career game.

This time Bill, Bob and Jeb take a trip to the North Pole to pick up a little science and take in the sights. Here they are leaving the mountains to the north west of the KSC behind.


Jeb set the plane down so they could all stretch their legs and pick up a handful of science.


North Polar ice sheet dead ahead.



Meanwhile 3 tourists and a rescued kerbonaut make it back to Kerbin after a trip to the Mun and Minmus.


Seems to be a happy customer.


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