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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Some more SSTO launched, station construction pics.

Here is a small manoeuvering tug heading from the station, to collect a science module.


Lugging it across to the station went easily, but the RCS being so offset from the COM made it a bit of a handful during docking, but made it in the end.  I plan to send up a new model with RCS thrusters on stalks, that will position them about halfway along the grabber, to move them closer to the COM.


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Some pics of the Skylab-alike station and Saturn 1B(ish) launched crew that went up yesterday.

Some on-orbit assembly required.


Here comes the crew.


Thar she blows.


Almost there.


The crew has arrived.


A quick inspection.


Heading home.


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Oh, him?
Yeah, I know him.
It’s going to take a while…
It happened years ago.

Did you know… there are three kinds of aces?
Those who seek strength.
Those who live for pride.
And those who can read the tide of battle.
Those are the three.
And him…

He was a fighter pilot they called “Solo Wing Pixy”.
This man was his buddy.




<< Yo buddy, just look at the view. >>
<< There’s not much difference between those countries from up here. >>





He is the man I seek.

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This was from when i used GPO a while ago, dont use it anymore but i still use principia. If you use GPO yourself you might notice that Olei is further out then usual, this is becauce it messed up the mun when being so close in.


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A couple of pics of the delivery vehicle for the Velocirover.. an all stock entry for the upcoming Desert Derby 2018 challenge. Tops out at about 850m/s around 10km alititude.



Took Velocirover for a spin at sunset... didn't end well.



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Some more Dessert Rally 2018 preparation images,

Various iterations of the delivery vehicle.





To aid navigation on approach to the airfield, I had Bill and Tilbold head out into the desert to plant a big arrow in the sand. It's now standing about 3km North of the runway.



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                                                                                                       Aproaching the anomaly


P.S.:this was made with kerbal konstruct.There are no Stone edges at Duna

                                                                             Thinking of home


Im just to good for this game:cool:(look at the Dv display)


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