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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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If you have ever had the fortune to go to an airshow and walk under a 747, you get an awe inspiring sense of scale you never get from seeing the same plane from an airport window.

Similarly, I spend so much time launching them with the standard camera view that I don't think about how big they actually are scale-wise.


So I thought these shots of my Pythagoras plane with Kerbals to give it scale were kinda cool.  It's a big aircraft.



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My first crewed Duna mission ever. Lots of study and experience gained from a flotilla of rovers dropped on it from last save games.

But what wow'd me was what I'd see now that I added Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements. Dust storms on Duna make that world more beautiful as I made traverses from the Midland Sea for two nearby canyons.


Using the new 1.6 Mk II Lander Can, I had a 2100 dV lander and decided to go "Apollo 15" on it with a rover to ensure I could reach those two additional biomes with no fuel needs.


I learned from past not-so-good munar rovers I've made, which had stability issues from a bad C/G. This rover was perfect, and would've done 20 m/s over the slopes if it didn't violate my safe-speed requirement of under 15 m/s (my lander has no emergency rescue option and I'm not going to call in the Blunderbirds for this).


The rover was also retrievable with the use of a docking port to reconnect it to the lander.



And yes, that's a Gemini-style spacecraft with my Duna Expedition Vehicle lander after it first mission, serving as a taxi and supplementary dV vehicle for the whole adventure (There's a space station/fuel depot in orbit it can go to for multiple journeys). The "Kemini" spacecraft's got over 2300dV on its own, so it's helpful for the lander to avoid carrying extra fuel and mass to and from the surface.

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More rescue cash being made in my 1.6 career game, featuring my refuelable Mun rescue vehicle.




Now aided and abetted by the all new rescue return vehicle SSTO, that today picked up a paying passenger from an 80km orbit and brought her back to the KSC.




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S.S. Libra over Duna.



S.S. Atlantis on her first mission. Unfortunately, she ran out of propellant after making orbit, so Jeb and Co. will need to wait for a fuel tanker to be sent out.


Radio Telescope on Minmus.


Airshuttle on a test flight from KSC to the Desert Airfield.

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