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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Leg 10 of the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation is complete and here's a few pics.

Juice Goose tanker hitting the afterburners to get a short takeoff.


Rendezvous with the Coastal Cruiser.


Val's getting bored with the terrain in this neck of the woods and fell asleep on deck.


Some mountains some way inland.


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Built and tested this big space truck, to refill a Space Station in Low Eve Orbit, in 1 single trip. I could have built it with huge size 4 tanks but, the ship was too long to my taste... so I devised a slightly more compact design with a more industrial look. Kudos to @SQUAD for the Mk2 lander's rover look ;)

RCS is powerful enough to take-off from Gilly at full load (4 Verniers! ain't that cute?). It has enough fuel to deliver the payload and go back to Gilly. And 4 fuel cells to keep mining during night time (takes a couple of days to refill everything when I land on ore-poor biomes...).

This big Eve exploration mission is taking shape. I'll make a movie out of it, this planet is an awesome engineering challenge :cool:



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Bob finally makes it back to the boat in the K.S.C.

Sunny mornings.


The way to the coast.


Climbing slopes.


At the top.


Passing the Crater Rim DSN dish, high on the mountaintop, on the way to the rover.


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Crew transfer over Minmus



Launching into the unknown...



Destiny Awaits


And one more, with a funny caption:


Val: "I can see my house from here!"

Maucal: "Cool. Hand me Snak-Pak 203... It's going to be a looooong trip, and you know how Kathmund gets when she's hungry..."

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Still enjoying my first savegame doing most missions completely with Kerbals at the helm, rather than a probe core. (Except for Eve. I'm still not ready for an Eve crewed mission.)

I was all too aware of the high delta-V needs of getting to and leaving Moho. So Jeb is sent alone in a modified lighter-weight Apollo-style configuration. A Rhino injection stage helped with LKO escape and Moho inclination burns. At Moho orbital capture, the Rhino gave its finest and last dV before the NRV nuclear stage used 3/4s of its power for capture and circularization.


The lander was fueled to easily reach the Moho surface and return. Included was the smallest rover I could make for a planned long drive.

On landing, Jeb tipped the entire lander upside down and the deployed rover went flying. Thankfully, both recovered without any damage. On to the canyon.


It took 6 hours total in real-time to drive 200 km total to reach the canyon. I like doing these drives as it adds a little realism and I'm not bored by the game's vistas. I've sent robotic rovers along this same path so there were no terrain surprises. Crossed over 5 biomes in this trip, so it was not a wasted trip.

To avoid leaving Jeb to freeze in a long Moho night, he returned to the command module as soon as the mission was done to await a transfer window, which wasn't long in coming with the planet's fast orbital speed.


The NRV nuclear engine gave its last dV before a lightweight but very high dV ion engine took over. The command module has no heat shield since Moho eats such things. Jeb will eventually reach Kerbin, get into a low orbit at home for pickup by one of my passenger shuttles. I'll send a small old rescue robot to the empty command module to deorbit it.


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I thought I'd share some of my "greatest hits" as far as designs and spacecraft:

Diptera Flying Rover

Munar Corps Drilling Station (MCDS) - Alpha 75

Duna Rover - Inflatable / Heatshield lander system

Spirit of Jebediah Orbital Vehicle

Munar Hab Station (docked with Spirit of Jebediah)

Olympus Orbital Facility

Experimental SSTO 

Multi-launch Space Station (Tantares & BDB exclusively)

Apollo-style Moonshot (when ReStock released)

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