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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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Another test cruise for the UKS Deep Purple


It's soon to embark on its mission to explore every river, strait, mountain and rolling plain that Kerbin has.

Oh, and here's Seanvis Kerman taking a look at the scenery from the Munar Transfer Station's low Mun orbit.


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TrekLisias II

While silence has been maintained in this project for too long now, we have finally caught a glimpse of the long awaited 1.7 Retrofit for the Space Program,


this long range delivery vehicle is the largest in its cargo class, and has had some serious upgrades from the original TrekLisias Series in honor of

@Lisias  and his multi Billion Dollar investment in the coding industry.


A whopping 33 H-size Cargo Bays and six J-bays. this craft come complete with gravity centrifuges and nuke power, the TWR of 4.7 fully loaded is in flight test mode in the pics below.


with the new Plasma engines we expect to have a smooth journey ahead cause its a long ride!screenshot64.png

more prep work is still to be done we are told this is near completion and flight plans are being made.

The Kerbacebook social sites are all the buzz. stay tuned for more info

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17 hours ago, DaveLister9999 said:

Did you put that dish up on the mountain?  Is it level or does it just look level? 

No, it's one of the Commnet system communication stations.

Here's a few images from the last few legs of the K.S.C.

High jinks (at Bill's expense) on the equator.


Val looks at a broken river.


Bill and Bob heading for a mountain.


Getting near the top.


Bill and Bob on top of a different mountain.


Bob grabs snacks from a SMIRF.


Sunset view from the rover.


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