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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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6 hours ago, Rover 6428 said:

Top 10 photos taken RIGHT before a disaster!

I didn't notice any damage at the time, but when it came time to land it, the far left control surface was missing, which made life... interesting.

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You know, in all the time I've played KSP, I've only ever had two major missions to Jool and neither of them were to set up a permanent base there. That may finally be about to change.


The S.S. Starbound is currently being prepped for the survey and reconnaissance aspect of the mission. Even larger than the Enterprise from my Grand Tour mission, the Starbound will enable exploration of all worlds bar Tylo.


The Ranger NX-III, my most successful SSTO spaceplane, will finally be getting the chance to spread its wings at Laythe, and it should be able to stay there for longer with support from a deployable orbital module.


Bringing up some crew to prepare for departure.


For the base-building side of the mission, the Elephant-class S.S. Lonely Dusk will be hauling all the necessary surface modules. When the Starbound team decides on locations, the Lonely Dusk will begin deployment.

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