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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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9 hours ago, whiterhino496 said:

Cool jets man, what mods are you using for parts? I find myself pretty much only building planes and sstos these days. 

Main plane parts:

Airplane plus, retro future, nice man bingo, aars, sxt, b9aerospace, b9procdural wings, near future aerospace, mk2 expansion, bdynamics, badtjets


Bdarmory, kerbalfeild, mnsweapons, tmasteron armory, nkd, kws, realistic weapons

This is just a short list Im probably missing some mods

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This is my first actually successful ssto that has about 2k delta v once in orbit. It only took over 200 hours of gameplay for me to get the formula right. Features a cargo hold for fuel, research, or even a small satellite.

Sorry that it is a link, it won't let me insert this image from the imgur URL. 

3 hours ago, The Space Man said:

Getting some strong Prometheus/Weyland Corp vibes from this. Very cool!! 

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