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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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I finally landed a Kerbal on every terrestrial object except for Eve in stock KSP. But before I go to 1.10 I am staying in 1.9.1 because I found a legal forked version of Kopernicus which works and so does the RSS mod but sadly RSSVE doesn't work.

About to launch some science equipment with a Titan I.


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Hope this isn't too lame, but... Just set up 3 bases on Laythe, devised a vehicle for refueling aircraft and spacecraft, and, successfully did an intercontinental flight between two bases on laythe. I feel I am ready to begin expanding the colonies I have established on this moon, and it has me so excited! I sent kerbals here 3-4 years ago(in real time), and I remember using docking nodes to assemble the interplanetary stages before leaving kerban. These latest bases, aircraft, and mining/refueling rovers were sent up with one launch, are bigger, badder, and fully operational. I can fly between continents, refuel, and return to the original continent. That is way harder than just landing here, and I am happy to have done it!

This is the link to the imugur album showing a little bit of what I've accomplished so far! Only 356 Kerbals perished in the pursuit of this grand experiment!! 







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I've always struggled with the SSTO's. Sure, I can get 1 physically into orbit, but to actually have enough delta-v to go anywhere else but back to kerban? That's really challenging. And I have yet to put in the effort to do much better than that, seeing as multistage rockets are way, way easier considering the tyranny of the rocket equation. 

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Found this Kerbin resembling planet when playing with a map generator.


You may want to flip the image to see it's resemblance to Kerbin.



This is Kerbin around 0.7 billion years ago. Right before the great impact that created the massive crater, reshaping Kerbin's landmass. The ksc continent can be seen in the upper center.

Generator: https://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/world/

Seed: 1687100669

Water = 75

Ice = 27

Other settings are default.

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Remember: image is best viewed upside down
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Some of my favourites from my ever increasing screenshots folder.


Using Jool as a gravity assist to get to Eeloo.


Using a Falcon 9 upper stage to get to Mars (messing about in RSS)


Landing back at Kerbin (from Jool I think this mission was?)


A probe I slingshotted out of the Kerbol system. Solar panels instead of RTG's cus I was a big dumb, so no power for me :(


Docking to my Space Station during a sunrise.




Landing on Duna for the first time in my science save.



I have tons more, but these are just some of my best.


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