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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Remember the launch tower?

I decided to land on it one day. Made a special vehicle, with precise RCS thrusters. Tens of them.


Then I decided it was too slow. Courtesy of crewmainfest and Damned robotics:


Party on the tower! On its invisible surface...


They were going to watch every launch.

Then I discovered they are considered to be "on the launchpad" and must be cleared before rockets are launched.

So I made my own tower.


The media tower is still there today.

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Never messed with planes before than watched some videos of people using better aero mods so I tried them out.

Now I've been playing alot of warthunder lately so the far mod felt great!

My first ever landing at the inland strip! Felt so good to land here and not make craters.


Its nice and stable doesn't need any input.


Had to buzz the tower.


Started to push it harder see what the limits are.







So happy right now.

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My latest 752 part monstrosity :D designed to drop 8 rovers on the mun, it was futureproofed for minmus missions as well with any luck... I present operation Rover Rain


edit: woops two failed launches, forgot the launch stabalisers first go and kraken got it at 400m next shot, added moar struts, successful orbit at 788 pieces and 3 frames per second lol

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My mission to Eve. I like to play as efficient as I can, and I thought this mission went very well.

Mass at launchpad : 17.96 t

Cost: 17.97 M$

TWR: 1.93

A detail of the packed probe and the rocket before launch


Staging went exactly according to plan, attained stable LKO and ready for escape burn


Aerobrake manuver at 66 km, took 4 orbits to attain 150 km circular orbit.


Lander probe detached from the main satellite and de-orbited using 4 separatrons. The main satellite stayed in orbit to relay the information from the lander probe.


Surface probe landed intact and is sending data back to Kerbin.


Overall I was very pleased with the whole mission. It didn't create any discarded debris at all ( all of it burned in the atmosphere ) and the weight at the launchpad was very reasonable.

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How the heck did you get that to Eve?

Well, to save time, because I'm practicing the re-entry and aerobrakes as I iterate the design (and don't want to wait for a transfer window every time), HyperEdit into an elliptical orbit. I do, however, confirm that it can hit LKO with a sufficient transfer stage to get it to Eve without cheating...


(Eve transfer is roughly 1km/s of dV, so I have all sorts of margin there)

And here it is just after clearing the tower:


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First draft of my interplanetary spacebus :)

It flies somewhat ok, but need to add some stuff to get it out in space.

Although my kerbals don't look so convinced about the whole idea :D


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