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[AAR] The Grand Tour - Voyage To The Planets


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Okay, ignore this post - I've had some problems with forum (couldn't post) but it seems it's working now.

EDIT: Nope, I still can't post the next chapter. When I try I get "500 Internal Server Error nginx/1.4.4" :( Could it be because of the post length or number of bbcode thingies used?

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I think the idea was just post it as two parts, choosing a relatively good spot to break it without a rewrite.

Or petition the forum host to let you put up staggeringly huge posts.

Even 50% of the chapter is too much. Did the rules about post length changed or what? Koddamit, I have it ready to be released!

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Kinda, I believe this is the same bug as the one described here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/75859-Forum-bugs-500-internal-server-error

EDIT: Nothing seems to work, I'm getting the same bug over and over again... I can't post anything bigger than this:






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Yes, that'd be an awesome reference. :)

Hope you can get the forum bug worked out, that's gotta be insanely frustrating!

I'll try to google the problem, maybe there's something I can do about it. Still, the next chapter (62) is done so I guess I'll just start writing chapter 63 :)

Hey, should I post something outrageously offensive to get a mod over here? I'll totally get myself banned if it means another chapter gets posted!

Haha, thanks but I think it won't be necesary :)

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I was having similar problems yesterday, while working on Oceans of Eve/City on the Mun. The previewer thing was not working.

Hopefully this is can be fixed without too much trouble.

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I already did that: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/75859-Forum-bugs-500-internal-server-error

I might just have to learn how to do KSP animations... and then try to turn this into a movie.

That would be magnificent. But it would take you several months to make KSP animation 40-50 minutes long and that IMHO is the minimum for this story (62 chapters!). :)

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Wow. I spent all day catching up... never did know this wasn't just your ordinary grand tour story ;)

Also, after reading back a bit. BERTY comes back.



Hello guys,

Just to let you know that this issue is being looked into.

I'm working with our hosting to fix it.


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