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HOCgaming's THAT'S NO MOON! Base - Craft Submission Thread

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Hi Harv.

Have you ever looked at all of these refueling stations and thought, 'Damn, these things are simple'?

My newest invention, the

--Mun Gas Station--

is the most unusually shaped device in the known cosmos.

It has 1530 units of Liquid Fuel, 1870 units of Oxidizer and 1600 units of MonoPropellant, at the light mass of only 39.60 (Or something close to that) units!

The station only consists of 114 parts and has 4 aerospike engines.

The docking ports are probably the right height off the ground, but it is only tested with the DrakTek MunTraktor.



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This is just a simple fuel depot design a created for the that's no moon base series.

name of design:WAES mobile fuel depot







(sorry they are not hyper-linked)


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Hey Harv!

In an attempt to create a utility for you that is as easy to look at as it is to take it all the way to the Mun, I present the Fuel Spike (feel free to rename, i'm not good at naming :P )

With as much fuel as a Jumbo-64 but in a much more appealing package, the Fuel Spike has 4 HOC-Height rover docking ports and 1 skycrane docking port.

39 Parts and just under 39 tons, it comes fully equipped with generators to supply the lights and probe core.



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I'm terrible at names (I named it That's no moon Moon Base Entry for simplicity)

Mass: 24.925

Fuel: 6 FL-T400 Tanks and 1 Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank (That's 4000 litres of Liquidfuel if you add it up)

Ports: 1 Clam-o-tron Jr. and 3 Clamp-o-tron's

Download: http://www./view/tewffglqtmsvmfh/That's_no_moon_Moon_Base_Entry.craft




P.S. I didn't use ANY mod parts in it, I just have them

Edit: Woops! Forgot the skycrane port. Silly me. Post Updated, Mass Updated, Pictures, well, no

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My (user)name: Cantthinkofone

Hello Harv! This is my first upload! I hope you choose it!

I hope its ok that it's a little overweight, i just wanted to put as much fuel as possible! :D

Name of ship: MuNar Fuel Station A

Mass: 43.04 T (Sorry, but i wanted you to have alot of fuel!)

Fuel: 4 X200 - 16 fuel tanks + 2 FL R25 RCS tanks

Docking ports: 3 Clamp-o-trons (Two at the bottom of the tanks and 1 under the pod)

Craft download: http://www./?i09f4ffy8466mfw


Thank you for looking over this craft! :)

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Driatech Fuel Reservoir Mark I

Screenshot -

Single unit on pad -

Single unit in VAB (moved SAS under pod) -

Two units stacked -

Total Mass of Utility - 37.53

Utility's .CRAFT file -

To maximize usefulness, I decided a stackable unit was best - allowing 2, 3, or more (my cpu lagged far too much after 2, so I'll leave that experimentation up to you) to combine into one refueling megastore!

Landing gears are primarily for use during landing, then setting the unit down carefully, and any adjustments if needed for docking (I had no issues with my test rover)

Utility has a ring of 3 RCS boosters along the capsule and 6 along the outer edge. (action group 4 toggles the inner and action group 5 toggles outer for more precision use)

Lights are powered by single PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator concealed above the hatch) One S.A.S. added for stability and a standard docking point for use for skycrane.

Love the channel - been catching up on all your videos the past few days since I found you! Keep it up, great fun and learned so much!


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Hi, Harv. Your viewer submissions have made me decide to finally join this forum. I'm not much of a builder, but fuel depots are really quite easy for me. I see them all the time, living along the east coast pipeline as I do, and they would be ever so much more interesting in real life if they looked something like this.


Name: Thats No Fuel! Depot

Mass: 38.8


Monoprop: 2250

Electric: 2420 (+135/min power generation via 3 RTGs)

Liquid Fuel: 2160

Oxidizer: 2640

Docking: 6 Clamp-O-Tron ports set to work with the DRAkTEC MunTraktor + 1 SkyCrane Docking Port (plus one open 1m baseplate for launch stage attachment)

Stability: 3 LT-1 Landing Struts

Lighting: 6 upward-facing Illuminator Mk1 for SkyCrane docking, 6 downward facing Illuminator Mk1, 6 downward facing Illuminator Mk2 (35.2/min max power consumption)

Part Count: 85

.craft file:


Action Group 10 (0 key) toggles the Illuminator Mk1 lamps for running in low power mode without losing all lighting.

Thanks for all the great videos, here's to seeing you on the Mun.


Killer of Kerbals since 0.13

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Author: Cornivius

Name of the utility: Fuel Reserve

Total mass: 36.8 (Includes the parts that decouple with the rocket)

Parts: 57 with the decoupler structure, 38 once decoupled.

Desription: A simple fueling facility for liquid fuel, RCS fuel and electric charge. It's controled from one of the new probe bodies and can be driven around for easier placement. It comes equipped with landing legs for a safer landing, two standard height docking ports and an additional one on top for the skycrane. It also includes a decoupling structure attached to the bottom that is aligned with the center of mass for easy mounting on any rocket.



.Craft: http://www./?f87t1r1ggit8yrg

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Name: Oil rig

Mass: about 38.8

RCS fuel: 800

Electric Charge: 4000 540/min

Liquid Fuel: 1800

Oxidizer: 2200

Docking: 2 clamp - oh - tron and 2 clamp - oh - tron junior (each size has a lower and a higher one for maximum compatibility)

And 4 clamp - oh - tron on the top of the Oil rig for cranes

Lighting: 4 lights on the upper deck and 4 at the sides of the Oil rig.

The design is very clean and strong, the base of the Oil rig is very stable for the sky crane.

Hope you like it!



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"The Caterpillar"


More images at:

Mass: 26.44 Units

Liquid Fuel: 1,800 Units

RCS: 200 Units

Oxidizer: 2,200 Units

Electric Charge: 1,680 Units

**Action Group 1: Extend and retract solar panels

Extremely rigid design, but not for high speeds up/down hills (slow speeds like 5-10 m/s should be fine).



From: TheAngryPC

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Construction brief has been updated:

We NO LONGER need a fuel reserve! What we need now is a re-fueler / shuttle craft which can ferry a few Kerbals down from the Bull's Eye Station and back up (just in case) and can also hold enough fuel to do the trip a few times, if needs be. Needs to have standard and junior docking ports.

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Zoth Tek Enertia

Company not liable for clams of Death,Asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen,Drowning,Explosion,and apple sauce malfunction.

Zoth Tek a company with a purpose.

The Zoth Tek Enertia design features comfortable seating for 8 Kerbonauts (Oxygen not included!) and comes in at 45 tonnes!

The Enertia design allows for comforable landings with little hassle with our state of the art 5 you heard me 5! Landing legs!

For your fuel carrying needs Enertia comes withover 2000 gallons of liquid fuel (Zoth Tek not liable if fuel is not included.)

Photos and Jebediah Kermans Testimony. "Small Cockpit but large crew Quarters!" "I hate ladders!" "I smell a three course meal!" "Small ships and big ships can play together!"

Price: $499,999.99

Buy from here-http://www./download/pq17v5j72zfryo5/Zoth_Tek_Enertia.craft

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I'm a little confused with the Current Construction Brief. By re-fueler/shuttle you mean something that can transfer fuel between a fuel tank in orbit and the recently submited fuel tank for the base and that it is also capable of taking kerbals to and from the station? The station doesn't have much fuel so I'm not sure if you want to take it from it. Also, it can only host 4 kerbals so exacly how many are "a few"? Should the shuttle be able to transfer all four? It seems like too much trouble otherwise.

Maybe the fuel transfer ship and the kerbal shuttle should be two different proyects.

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Additional picture

Hammer Wizard Engineering presents the Wizardmobile Heavy Lifter & Rover system. The Rover and Lifter weigh in at 30.25 tons and are made of 76 parts (total). They are connected by Junior docking ports.

The Lifter has approximately 6500 m/s^2 of total Delta-V and a TWR on the Mun of 2.5, enough to fly to and land on Moho. With a capacity of 5 Kerbals, it is capable of landing and taking off from the Mun with up to 15 additional tons of payload on its bottom junior docking port, along with fully fueled tanks. It weighs 28.69(12.69 when empty) tons and is made of 49 parts.

The rover seats 2 and has a standard docking port on its rear. A junior docking port on its top, aligned with the port on the Lifter, allows this rover to act as an adapter to refuel the lifter on the ground. It weighs 1.56 tons and is made of 27 parts.

To account for pilots having different preferences when it comes to docking and landing, The Wizardmobile comes in two versions to better suit your flying style:

Without ASAS:Mediafire Download

With ASAS:Mediafire Download

Flying Note: When coming down onto the Mun, it is recommended to begin the braking burn at 10km.

- Hammer Wizard

Edited by Hammer Wizard
Added weight and part count for each module.

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FBN (Fly By Night) presents the No-Frills Transport

Name of Utility: FBNs NF Transport

Screenshot: FBNNFTransport_zpsbb672128.png

Total Mass of Utility: 14.68t

Parts: 69

Utility's .CRAFT file:

Your Name: NNYGamer

1 Crew

4 Passengers

Electrical: 850

Fuel: 720

Oxidizer: 880

Monopropellant: 320

Keys: 1 toggle solar panels

2 toggles antennas, locks steering, brakes on and toggles wheel motor (twice turns them off)

Edited by NNYGamer

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My name is ReinardKuroi and this is my submission - the MFCT-x1 "Grasshopper" - Munar Fuel and Crew Transfer vehicle by BlackFox inc.

Useful data:

Mass - 20,625;

Part count - 58;

Can carry 4 kerbals + fuel and RCS;


Main idea - dock it on top of a fuel reserve like a skycrane, using clamp-o-tron docking port. Like this:


So... I looked at other people's crafts and found an excess of Crewtanks.

Look: 1 crewtank - mass is 2,5, size is giant and it looks ugly. And it has no IVA,

your kerbal passengers are bored by lack of textures. Conclusion is - we ain't need no stinkin' Crewtanks!

All we need is 4 seats - mass is 0,2, small (very small!) and it looks amazing!

And your kerbals will have great fun being strapped directly to engines of your rocket!


So then your kerbals are strapped directly to your landing legs.

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I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know I haven't lost interest in this series, I've just been preoccupied working on a new DRAkTEC mod for the spaceport. Once it's done and published, I'll be right back to putting in submissions.

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The SK Enterprises' "Quad-Pod!"


This practical design, weighing in at ~33.014 Tons, with a part count of 88, is ideal for all your shuttling needs!


Built with VTOL in mind, the four, symmetrical engines provide stability, thrust and efficiency during flight.

High-impact-tolerant landing struts mounted on the QuadPod provide a firm base to touch down on your favourite moon with no hassle or toppling (terms and conditions apply). But oh no! You've landed short of the base and you can't bear to pogo over there! Not to worry, say SK Enterprises! Simply retract the landing struts and hey presto, you have a full mobile rover feature, able to travel along the surface at a staggering speed; neat!

With lateral docking arms tailor-made to suit the KepeTech Refuelling Station, re-fuelling is no hassle with the QuadPod! No fuss, no RCS, just aim and drive.

For short trips, the QuadPod carries up to 3 personnel per trip, with a choice of a scenic open-view cockpit for seating!

Ready to lift off? Deploy your struts for stability then, using the excessive fuel reserves, blast your way up to the station of your choosing.

We here at SK Enterprises hope you find our engineering solutions to your liking, and hope to make you a future customer or business partner!

Until then, feel free to contact customer services at the address of this submission's author.

***1 Kerbal was harmed during photography-SK Enterprises is not responsible for any injury or genetic mutation as a result of any SK Enterprises product-If you found this advertisement pleasant, please contact our customer services for feedback-All rights reserved, SK Enterprises 2013***

Download Link:

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Pictures too 'in your face'

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Hey harv, TheFod here, with a shuttle candidate,

I saw ep 8 + 9 of the series, and, now that you're asking for a shuttle, I thought why not have an SSTO shuttle?


So, here it is, the "Roc SSTO MKX variant a" (variant a being the addition of a junior docking port). This plane has the capability of getting to orbit then, once there, doing a full Mun or Minmus Mission and returning to kerbin.

The fuel load it is able to take to Kerbin orbit is four FL-T800 fuel tanks, with most of that still remaining by the time it reaches Munar orbit, due to its dual NERVAs.

NB: this is a complex craft to fly, but fly it like my other SSTO and it will work fine. Also, land on the wheels, not the engines, as it gets wobbly on the engines on the Mun - flipping onto the wheels at the last minute is preferable.

Action Groups:

2 = Toggle jets.

3 = Toggle NERVAs.

Abort = Eject pod.

Here are some pictures of the MKX (with no jr port) in action, and a R&D diary, which contains flying instructions.

R&D diary



I hope you will find this craft suitable to your needs, and more.

Regards, TheFod.

*Edit* Sorry, forgot a download link, here you go.

*Edit 2* Sorry, can't memory today it seems, it has 204 parts and weighs 45.06 tons. Also, I can't stress enough that you need to balance the fuel before re-entry, and land on the wheels on the mun.

Edited by TheFod
Missing weight + part count + action group info.

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Introducing The CakeTek Transporter Mk.XII

(Yes it did take twelve attempts)


Mass: 39.981 tonnes

Parts: 77 (81 including docking stage)

Crew Capacity: 4

Control: RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit- For all your unmanned flight needs

Thrust: 2x LV-N Atomic Rocket Engine

Fuel Transport Payload: 1770 Units

Docking Utilities: 2 Front Facing Standard Ports

2 Junior Docking Ports Mounted on Top

Here at CakeTek, we like to provide our customers with the best experience, of the deathly void that is the cosmos, that we possibly can. To bring you brilliant technological wonders, we put our best Kerbals on the job with the best working conditions*. Our new contraption, the CakeTek Transporter Mk.XII is the result of many years of hard graft with definitely no deaths**. This Transport plane has been specifically engineered to provide maximum efficiency for refueling all manner of rovers and even for docking with orbiting stations! We hope that you will include CakeTek in your consideration! Happy Flying!

*= Minimum of 22 hours per day with two five minute breaks

**= Death Toll- 14, the pilots didn't try hard enough


Joking and Adverts aside, I'd like to present the CakeTek Transport Mk.XII. It has taken me a long time to get this thing to fly straight, and as a result, has been through 12 stages of evolution! It is designed as a shuttle, As I believe it is a more efficient and stylish way to transport and transfer the fuel needed for rovers and the Space Station in orbit around the Mun. As I mentioned in the 'advert' (I use the term very lightly) There is a docking port on the port and starboard side of the ship, facing forward. When I have tested these, they have been on the right level for rover docking. The two Junior Docking ports are mounted on the top of the ship, so that all one would have to do is fly under, then move up a bit, the idea for two Junior ports is to allow for a margin of error, you can miss the first port, but simply carry on to dock with the second (Pictures should make it more clear)

More Pics:


This is not intended for flight in atmosphere! (Pictures use the Hack Gravity Feature in the debug panel) This craft primarily uses RCS to maneuver, and as a result, has lots of RCS fuel! To take off from landed, turn on docking mode and use RCS to push you up a little before toggling SAS to stabilize. The nose should rise a little higher than the tail, making it easier to fly away from the surface. To toggle main engines, press 1 and they should fire up.


1= Toggle Main engines

2= 6x Landing Legs

Ladder for easy Kerbal access

Thanks for your consideration!

Samuel G Kermann, CEO of CakeTek

Download Link:

Edited by CaptainCake
Forgot Download Link xD

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Turey's Capella


Craft file here:

A combination Long-range Rover, Fuel Transport, and Crew Shuttle. Tested compatible with the KepeTech Refueling Station. Easily capable of a round trip from Munar orbit and back with some spare fuel. I currently use this ship as my own Munar shuttle.

86 parts

31.39 Tons

1854 m/s Vac ÃŽâ€V

905 Electric Charge

300 MonoProp

1260 Liquid Fuel

1540 Oxidizer

2 Pilots

4 Passengers

Great IVA Visibility


1 - Toggle Antennas and Solar Panels

2 - Toggle Main Engines

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The Gas-n-Go

Parts - 189

Mass - 39.96

Crew - 0

Fuel payload - Liquid fuel 1980/ Oxidizer 2420

<a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by" /></a>

Lights only last about 20 game min so don't leave them on. regular size docking port. should refuel everything at the base.

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