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HOCgaming's THAT'S NO MOON! Base - Craft Submission Thread

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casting a vote here, "Roc SSTO MKX variant a" by TheFod looks epic with a side of fries. The one and only thing I could say in terms of improvement is to add some tail gear for vertical landings on Mun and Minimus. The added weight would reduce fuel efficiency a bit, but you can't put a price on smooth landings.

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@TheFod: Do you realize that the shuttle is not going to return to Kerbin (or any place with atmosphere), so there is no point in it being SSTO or even a plane?

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The TRiKE orbital shuttle is a highly versatile if not eye-pleasing vehicle.


Seating for nine.

Landing lights.

Internal RTG powerplant.

Enough ÃŽâ€v for at least three trips from orbit to the surface on the Mun and back (up to five if using an Oberth suicide burn)

RCS control for docking.

Skycrane functionality.

Kerbin soft landing capability, to function as an escape pod for Jeb's team plus six lucky survivors in the quite likely event of a catastrophic mun base explosion.

thanks to a fullbody suspension system, it can survive landing at upwards of 15m/s with no structural damage.


Instructions for safe boarding while landed:

Board from the bottom seats upwards. The first kerbal on should stand on the landing gear, the second should stand on the face of the first, and the third should stand on the face of the second while boarding. Don't worry, Kerbals are quite stackable.

Mass: 21.35

TWR@Kerbin: 0.85 (exceeds 1.00 at ~3/4 fuel supply remaining)

Part Count: 58

ÃŽâ€v: 4960m/s without passengers

Can liftoff on the Mun at only 20% throttle.

orbital altitude only using a 5th of a tank.

Soft landing on kerbin.

Jeb approved.


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I know you are currently looking for a fuel shuttle, but I'm new to this series and wanted to share a high speed rover design with you.


Name: Cheetah

Mass: 5.26 Tons (4.49 after removal of counterweight)

Parts: 56 (49 without counterweight)

Screenshots here:

The cheetah has a top speed of 30 m/s on the mun. Unlike many rovers, this one is stable at these high speeds if used correctly. The Cheetah features a proprietary Kerbal Proof Pneumatic Orientation Stability System (KPPOSS, otherwise known as landing struts) to help prevent flips. It seats one kerbal. It's docking port is on the top, so I have provided an adapter that will make it compatible with your standard height docking ports. It does have the ability to lift off of the ground using RCS thrusters. I have tested this docking on both kerbin and the mun using the basic rover with which you set the standard, and have found that it works on both planets. In order to ensure quality performance, please read the operating instructions below. I suggest quicksaving when you get the rover to the moon, as it can take a few minutes to get the hang of it.


1. You MUST be in docking mode to drive this rover in a stable manner.

2. When driving at high speeds (>10 m/s) the ASAS should be enabled, and steering on the back wheels should be locked

3. When braking, deploy the landing struts. I have tested this, and was able to slam on the brakes at 21 m/s without flipping.

4. As you encounter changing terrain, tap F to reset the ASAS, and if, at any point feel as if the rover is about to tip, immediately activate the ASAS if it is not already.

5. I advise against driving at high speeds with the solar panels deployed, just in case of tipping. If you do find yourself upside down, the legs are easily capable of reorienting you.

Action groups:

1: Toggle steering lock on back wheels

2: Lower front legs

3: Lower back legs

4: Deploy solar panels

I hope you like it!

Craft file:

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Lander with exploration rover:

Download link: http://www./download/dpvjd2cs5c6xab7/Mun_Lander_1.craft

Screenshot link:

Utility mass (Inluding lander): 24.134


Note: The Lander is supposed to be attached to a rocket upside down :)

Name: Sparics (Spa-riks)

Edited by Sparics
Additional info

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Hello, here's my Mun Shuttle, the Munar drop-pod.


Part count: 30

Mass: 20.4

Delta-V: 5293m/s

(easily enough for 3 (maybe 4), trips from orbit to the surface and back again)

When full, it's thrust to weight ratio on the munar surface is just below 4.

You can download the craft file here.

I thought this would be quite good, though having seen the competition I may have to try another design.

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Hallo Harv!

This will be my first entry to the series

My name is Breaumsidears Brooooom's Ideas yeah i misspelled my name when i first created it >_> but i kinda like looks of it :)

The shuttle part can easily be used only, its just a quick remove of the senior docking port, this is how i used it tho.

The lander have rover capable docking ports, i have lowered them a few millimeters because many of the rovers now placed on the Mun are quiet heavy

Also i have noticed when you are testing the docking ports height on the platform, that the feet of the landing legs are colliding a bit with the exhaust grid on the platform lowering the actual height of the ports! - the wheels on the rover are not ;)

I will have an update on the metric tonnes / fuel counter later today

The Orbiter


The orbiter consist of 2 segments:

The Shuttle:


A shuttle stage with room for 3 Kerbals

Features 1 senior, 1 standard and 3 mini dockingports

If you do not like the parashutes on the top of the engines, feel free to remove them, they are placed for aesthetics, and for making the stage landable on the ground of Kerbin.

Part counter: 42

Metric Tonnes: 24.175

Fuel counter: 990

RCS attached: 300

The Lander


A lander stage with room for 3 Kerbals

Features a senior and 3 standard dockingports

Part counter: 33

Metric Tonnes: 17.14

Fuel counter: 1080

RCS attached: None


Part counter: 75

Metric Tonnes: 41.315 (with other engines than the nuclear ones it weighs significantly less)

Fuel counter: 2070

RCS attached: 300

Advanced Staging:

Custom 1: Lander stage Gear

Custom 2: Lander stage Ladders and Panels

Custom 3: Decouple senior docking port separating the 2 modules

Custom 4: Shuttle Gear

Custom 5: Toggle Shuttle RCS

Custom 6: Toggle Orbiter RCS

The ship is available here:


Full image session can be found here:

I reccomend taking a look at the rest of the pictures, because the 3x symmetry looks really sweet from above :)

(dont try landing the full shuttlestage on water:P)

Edited by Breaum
Updating links

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Not a submission, but I noticed that the poodle was too slow for you. I have a solution for that.

As illustrated by this test here, one poodle and two aerospikes connected to their own fuel tanks are started at the same time. The two aerospikes use up a little bit more fuel, but when you do the math 1 poodle=220 kn and 2 aerospikes 175x2=350 kn. For only a marginal increase in fuel, you get about 60% more thrust! So maybe try sticking two spikes to the side of your tank instead of one poodle underneath.


Try it yourself!

Edited by WhiteWeasel

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I present: The Mun Base Orbital Shuttle! Yes, you heard me right, this baby will take care of all your Kerbal taxiing needs! Weighing in at just under 33 tons, this ship has enough fuel to carry 3 Kerbals to an orbital station and back many times. This shuttle can be refueled via rover on the surface of the moon, and comes with RCS to assist with docking. A junior docking port is mounted on top for orbital connections, as well as a standard docking port on the side. Wide landing legs provide stability when landing, even if the craft is moving horizontally. It even comes with its own power generators. Happy shuttling!


Part count: 34

Some rocket assembly required.

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Hey, this is my entry for the shuttle/refueler. It is about 35 tons, 80 -ish parts.


It is fully equipped to do about 2 trips up and down from low munar orbit however it will gets stranded quite easily. It has no action groups. It has enough RCS ports to tip itself over to dock with the mun base and get back up. It is mainly designed as a shuttle not a tanker but it can do an alright job . It has a crew capacity of 8, 6 Jr ports and 1 regular docking port.

Download: http://www./?12h4m74kzwha38f

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Hi Harv!

Name of Utility: Scipio 2.4

Screenie Links:

1) It doesn't quite work every time...,QGCAd4D#1

2) Landed one the Mun.,QGCAd4D

Total mass = 22.75

File here: http://www./?ryr118j0g22en9t

Name: Pottypie

Quick word of advice: When you're landing, try and ensure the top tank is used up first. It has a habit of tipping over if the top tank is heavy.

Thanks for reading!

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Crew transporter/ refueler entry

Name of utility: Patronious

Weight: 25.91 tonnes

Built in the VAB, totaling 53 parts


Download: http://www./download/ib3gzbt92xzs0dl/Patronious.craft


3 crew transporter capable of transporting 3 kerbals from the munar surface and dock with stations.

Capable of at least 3 trips to and from stations up to 25 Km in munar orbit.

Can act as a refueling craft. Very stable and has ample power, making it easy to land (can actually take off from launch pad after a few seconds! Impressive for nuclear engines)

Complete with a standard docking port at the bottom of the craft and a mini port at the top.

All ports are lit and landing lights available too for night landings.

It is also possible to land on the docking port of the new large fuel tanker in order to refuel (you need to land on the top port).

The fuel lines, RCS and lights are subtly placed to avoid ruining the looks.


-Started on the Mun's surface with full fuel.

- Got into a 25KM orbit and docked with a station

- Undocked and landed back on the Mun

- Repeated procedure.


3 complete trips to and from the space station without refuel and a little bit to spare.


Edited by Dr.ripsaw

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Advancing from my initial submission this craft features larger crew capacity, higher monopropellant capacity, and some pretty neat radially mounted nuclear engines.screenshot20.png

The landing gear hold the docking port at the standard height above the ground (they're side mounted, rotated 10 degrees backward)screenshot17.png

Total Mass: 16.41

Part count: 41

Delta V: 5246m/s

Capable of landing and re-orbiting at least 3 times. (Testing was getting a bit boring, and then I crashed)

Craft file

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I present to you, the HOC Mun Shuttle! Warning, Image Heavy!


It uses part clipping magic to make an especially good looking engine set up.


Yes, those are nuke engines, they give this thing great Delta V for it's size and it can make the trip to orbit and back a good number of times.


It can also be docked to by your rovers, How useful is that?


This is the proper launch procedure, remember to put a probe brain to get the proper nav-ball reading.


There is the finished product, all those other images were a bit old, but basically the same thing.


Crew Capacity - 6

Mass - 25.47 Tons

Part Count - 62 parts.


Probe brain for unmanned flight

Solar panels for spacey look

Glow in the dark docking port (small battery LED lights)

Rover docking ports that work

Landing lights

Low profile nuke engines

large crew storage

lots of monopropellant

Balanced RCS thrust

Junior docking ports (Might not be in optimal places due to not knowing what you'd need em' for.)

No ASAS (I find that to be a good thing)


Download: http://www./download/easd7lr77ea9h38/HOC_mun_Shuttle.craft

Edited by spudcosmic

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Shuttle Submission: Helion "Deluxe" Crew Transport


Weight- 20 Tons [At Launch]

Part Count- 87

Control- 1 Rockomax probe body, 6 Kerbal Seats, 2 Sets of RCS with 6 radial tanks, A.S.A.S.

Propulsion- 1 Poodle Engine, 1100L of fuel. [Provides upwards of one Kerbin G of acceleration at launch mass.]

Electricals- No Battery power [No Need], 8x Nuclear Generator, 4x Backup Ox-Stat Solar Cells.

Aesthetics- Not a very orthodox design, but has a cool utilitarian look to it. Full Internal lighting for the Kerbals, as well as landing lights, and two Ladders.

Testing: I save file edited it into a 15 kilo orbit, as if it had just undocked from the space station, and flew it down to the Armstrong memorial. When I reached the surface, I had 2 thirds fuel and about the same in monopropellant. Basically, I think it's a very viable crew transport. Also stores a lot of Kerbals in a small space.

Bottom Line:

Works well for the task at hand. Holds 6 Kerbals and exceeds all of the requirements. I was able to land it within a quarter of a kilometer without burning too much fuel, and I'm terrible at landing at precise locations.

Here's a picture of it, after landing at the armstrong memorial.


(The reason there's less fuel in the lander in the picture than when I landed it was because I hopped it around about 3 times to prepare the screenshot, ironically.)

Thanks! If you want to test/use it, here's the download link!

Edited by Blacksmith
Changed 'Kerbal G' To 'Kerbin G' to be more precise.

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