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Challenge Submission Guide

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Challenge Submission Guide

It's easy to make a challenge, but it's hard to make a good challenge, so to help you make a good challenge it's a good idea consider the following:

Is this challenge new?

People do not want to see several near identical challenges cluttering the forum, we like variety so take a look at the Challenge board first and if your idea has been done try to think of something new.

Old challenges can be redone, especially if the game has changed in the meantime or you can add a twist, so if you do see something cool from months ago, it might be fun to try something like that again.

Is this challenge possible?

Many challenges we see are nearly or literally impossible to achieve, and usually very little thought has gone into them, these challenges just annoy people, waste forum space and show that the submitter hasn't really tried.

So test your challenge yourself first to make sure it is possible, you don't have to be successful but you'll soon know if the challenge has a hope of being completed.

Is this challenge fun?

Everyone wants to have fun, fun can mean different things to different people but if you find your own challenge boring others will as well, and it is best to think of something else.

What are we trying to do?

You can tell a poorly thought out challenge from a mile away, if the first few posts are asking for details, you have done something wrong.

Make sure you explain your challenge properly so players know what they are supposed to be doing.

How do we win this anyway?

Every challenge needs a way to win it or to judge if someone is the best, usually this is the shortest time to complete the challenge or the least components used, or even the lowest mass or least fuel consumed.

So make sure you decide in advance how players of your challenge will be scored, it saves confusion later on.

And for challenge entrants...

No one likes a wiseguy!

Challenges work on an honour system, we can't always check if you are cheating and even if you don't "cheat", if you deliberately misinterpret the rules of a challenge or its spirit in order to gain an advantage, you'll spoil the fun for everyone else.

So for example, if the poster used a stock entry and everyone else has posted a stock entry and there's no modded leaderboard, assume it's stock and ASK the challenge poster if they will consider a modded entry before entering.

In challenges where addons are allowed, players expect others to use addons that are publicly available so everyone is on a level playing field, custom addons that exploit the challenge rules are extremely bad form, so don't be surprised to see your entry disqualified.

Like a Challenge? Let others know!

We see a lot of challenges on the forums and some are better than others, finding a good challenge can sometimes be a challenge in itself!

If you find a well thought out and written challenge that you have fun competing in, let others know that it's good by Rating the challenge thread highly.

Excellent and Good threads are more likely to stay near the top of the forums which makes them easier to find.

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