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Planet Ribbons Redux

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You need to visit (enter the SOI) of two non-Kerbin planets. Slingshots do count. You get the appropriate pip for each SOI entered. The type of vessel used goes bottom center. If you orbit a planet / satellite then you get the first orbit device. Each one after the first adds another arrow on the bottom left edge. If you drop a lander to a world you first gain the landing device, and for each after that you gain an arrow on the bottom right edge.

I don't think M has made a generator for the Grand Tour yet, but if you download the DIY kit from the first page and load it up with GIMP (free graphic software) all you need to do is toggle the visibility of the appropriate layers and then export it as a .jpg or .png.

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I would change the standard for the station device--a station should simply be an orbital construction capable of permanently housing kerbonauts; most real stations aren't really designed with refueling in mind!
The description on the ribbons generator (which I did a rewrite of compared to the original spec) says
Station: An orbital vessel capable of both docking and longterm habitation by multiple Kerbals.
Seems reasonable to me.
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Well, after that thorough oratorical drubbing I guess I have only one option.

Release the new version!


New things:

Meteor Device - for that craft that doesn't even survive to make it to the surface!

Armada Device - Seriously, it's harder than it sounds. Brotoro said it was hard.

Flag or Monument Device - Not sure I'd ever use it, but someone asked for it, so here it is!

Challenge Wreath - Get off Kerbin in one stage! Get off Tylo or Eve using any means necessary!

Also introducing, the I Got BC'ed special hard edged Grand Tour Ribbon.

I also updated KSPFM-42 to incorporate some of the changes that Zeroignite made when adapting it for the web app (such as continuous satellite overwatch counting for the geosync device when geosynchronous orbits are not possible). I didn't make the change to the station one, but I probably will if there's another update. It says refueling and housing as those were really the only two things you could do with one when it was written. I'm not going to order angry men named things like "Vinnie" and "Nico" to come to your house if you use the station device for something that can only house Kerbals. It's okay.

Now - the really important note - this is not the new version of the web app - this is the DIY special. Moustachauve is in charge of the automatic web app. I haven't worked with html in almost twenty years, so I'm no help there.

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About the Kerbal lost/saved markers:On my current save I did not lose a single Kerbal, but only because I reverted my plane tests (which crashed before takeoff). Should I count that as a Kerbal lost+saved, or do we ignore reverted flights?In general I revert only plane tests because I have no idea how planes should work, and launches where the controls mess up (e.g. reordered the stages in-flight, but staging still used the original order). Besides that i managed not to lose Kerbals because a) this isn't my first save B) Kerbals only launch in crafts with a LES and reentry capability c) I didn't get farther than Kerbin orbit yet ;)

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I think reverted flight tests are ignored. Also, to me, the rescue cross implies a rescue mission, not just saving a kerbal that seemed to be in peril.

Cross-posting from the ribbon generator thread, I have some more ideas for Challenge Wreaths.

Sun: Place a craft in solar orbit with an apoapsis of <2Gm (well within Moho's orbit)

Moho: Enter Moho orbit and return to Kerbin without refueling.

Eve: Already covered --- Eve Ascent

Gilly: ???

Kerbin: Already covered --- SSTO

Mun: Preform a Munar free-return trajectory using only one burn from LKO.

Minmus: ???

Duna: Land an aircraft without the use of parachutes or retrorockets.

Ike: ???

Dres: Get a craft to the bottom of the giant canyon safely.

Jool: Use a gravity assist from one moon to reach another moon, aid Joolian orbital capture, or escape the Joolian system.

Laythe: Land a jet aircraft horizontally, then use that same craft to ascend into orbit.

Vall: ???

Tylo: Already covered --- Tylo Ascent

Bop: ???

Pol: Have a rover freefall over 3km vertically without damage.

Eeloo: Orbit Eeloo and return to Kerbin without refueling.

Thoughts, feedback? I tried to emphasize what makes each world unique.

EDIT: Unistrut, the OP doesn't seem to have been edited to cover latest changes like the Armada device or the wording changes relative to the online version.

Edited by Zeroignite
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About the Kerbal lost/saved markers:On my current save I did not lose a single Kerbal, but only because I reverted my plane tests (which crashed before takeoff). Should I count that as a Kerbal lost+saved, or do we ignore reverted flights?

Yeah, I consider reverted flights to be "simulator runs". For a Kerbal to be "lost" he needs to remain dead. Also, for a Kerbal to be "saved", the mission has to go wrong in such a way that they wouldn't normally be able to return and you have to launch new missions or seriously change the plans of existing missions to recover them.


Kerbal lands on Duna. Ship does not have the ability to lift off, but the mission plan included a separate lift off module - not a rescue.

Kerbal lands on Duna. No way off, but with the assumption that later on you'd send a mission. Poor planning, still not a rescue.

Kerbal lands on Duna. Ship breaks into a dozen pieces, but pilot survives. New mission launched from Kerbin to retrieve them. Rescue!

Kerbal lands on Duna. Hard. Breaks engine on lander/lifter. A second lifter from the same mission, originally meant to be used once, is refueled and reused to recover them. Rescue!

EDIT - An example from my own game - I sent a mission to go find the [REDACTED]. A PROBE BASTARD FOXTROT and a pair of Kerbals in a tiny DEMV rover were dispatched to Ike. The Kerbals set up shop on the north pole of Ike and waited for the [REDACTED] to pass by, whereupon they sent commands to the PBF. I did not have a plan for getting them home. As I was winding up my 0.18 save, I decided to return all the brave Kerbals who I'd gone so far with to Kerbin. Including the two that I had so callously stranded on Ike. So I sent a ship to recover them. Not a rescue yet. When that ship ran out of fuel in a strange, strange orbit around Duna instead of docking nicely with the fuel tanker in Duna orbit and I had to send the City of Pomona to retrieve them, then it became a rescue.

It would also count if you have a vessel specifically designated for rescues that gets used. Thunderbirds are go!

Apollo 13 would be an example of the "no new mission" rescue. They had to scrap the original mission due to explosion and then repurpose multiple parts of their craft in order to make it safely home. No "extra" ships were sent, but it still required a lot of frantic work and using bits of the mission in ways that were not part of the original plan.

Zeroignite - thanks for the heads up regarding the first post. I thought I'd fixed that...

The problem with adding Challenge Wreaths to more locations is, well, Conservation of Ninjitsu - the more of them there are, the less impressive each one is.

Edited by Unistrut
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Zeroignite - thanks for the heads up regarding the first post. I thought I'd fixed that...

The problem with adding Challenge Wreaths to more locations is, well, Conservation of Ninjitsu - the more of them there are, the less impressive each one is.

Conservation of Ninjutsu is a valid concern, and is why tried to make each wreath a challenge unique the the body in question, and one at least as hard as a Kerbin SSTO.

Basically, in a lot of ways I already use the ribbons as an excuse to do interesting missions, and having more challenges baked-in seems like a good way to encourage that.

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The ribbons have been updated to version 1.1.0 !

Those are the changes for this version. Alot of code have been changed, so it is possible that many bug appeared.

Changelog :

- SSTO Wreath is now "Challenge Wreath"

- Meteor Device - Like Impactor, but for hitting the atmosphere.

- Armada Device - For staging more than three craft in orbit and then sending them all off to another world in one encounter window.

- Flag or Monument Device - For leaving an artistic marker on another world.

- Complete rewrite of the script generating the image

- You can now customize the order the ribbons will show

- You can choose between forum resolution or full resolution

- Extreme EVA is now available for Ike

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You can tell someone is lying on their ribbons when you don't see any lost kerbals... Especially on Kerbin and the Mun LOL I still technically haven't given up on Bill... He's still floating around the Sun..... Let that be a reminder to all of you... Don't light a cigarette mid burn... you will send your spaceship and all the hopes, cares, dreams, budget, and souls with it into the universe.... ;.;

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A question about rescues... So I sent an apollo style mission (orbiter module and lander module) to the Mun... The lander impacted and killed all 2 crew with it, leaving one kerbal left on the orbiter... However the orbiter was never designed to return to kerbin A) by itself and B) with just it's own fuel. The mission called for a full burn of it's remaining fuel then the remaining fuel on the lander to adjust the trajectory for re-entry. Without that extra fuel I did not even think I could return to kerbin. I did successfully return him home on a one off lucky burn. Would this qualify as a rescue? Such as you described apollo 13's "rescue"

EDIT: You haven't earned it unless you killed someone trying to do it!

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Hey y'all, thanks for all the hard work you guys do to keep the ribbons going.

Any chance y'all could update the Rules page on the generator site? Y'all have added some new devices lately. Still haven't figured out what "resource" is for and I don't know where "armada", "meteor" and "flag" fall on the general coolness scale.

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Thank you for the feedback, I will update the rules page tonight, when I'll be home :)

Just as a reminder (I feel cheap for asking this), the server on which the ribbon generator is is not free, I have to pay for ut. At the moment, I am not working since I am studying and I need to focus on that It would be nice if some of you could make me a small donation to help to pay the server. It doesn't have to be a big amount, just something to help would be really appreciated. There is a paypal button on the FAQ page if you are willing.

Thanks :)

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